6 After-School Snacks That Won't Ruin Kids' Appetites

One mom tells what bites she offers her four young kids when they return home from school in the afternoon.
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It’s such a tenuous thing, the after-school snack: Feed the kids too little and you have afternoon meltdowns. Feed them too much and you’re in for an evening of kids slinking down in chairs and pushing dinner around with a fork without actually eating a thing. To prevent both scenarios, I keep these snacks in heavy rotation at my house. This is what I serve when my four small kids come tearing down the hallway toward the kitchen after school.

With a squeeze of fresh lemon and beans straight from a can, this dip comes together in about a minute. Pile a few handfuls of fresh veggies — cucumbers, carrots, bell peppers — on a tray and watch the kids dive into one of the five recommended daily servings of produce!

Rolled oats, peanut butter, honey and chocolate chips — those are some of the good-to-eat ingredients in this make-ahead snack that keeps all week long.

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No one told the humidity that summer’s over! During these warm afternoons, ice pops totally hit the spot with my kids after school. This favorite recipe works with fresh fruit or frozen, peaches or strawberries, and scores every time.

These two-ingredient “cookies” come together so quickly that even when the kids help me make them, I can still throw the pan in the oven and have the cookies on the table before anyone melts in a hangry fit.

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It’s hard to beat a bowl full of fresh popcorn — unless it’s fresh popcorn smothered in cheese.

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I’d make a batch of these for the amazing smell alone! Baked apple chips are one of our favorite fall treats, with a sweet flavor that tastes delicious come rain, haze or shine.

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