The Easiest Ways to Cook Ham on Easter

No, you definitely don’t need to bake a whole one.

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Photo by: Matt Armendariz

Matt Armendariz

For many, an Easter ham is as traditional as hunting for eggs or collecting candy. That being said, we won’t pretend that baking a ham is a low-maintenance option, especially when you’re only cooking for a handful of people. So, if you’re looking for an Easter ham dish that won’t hog your time or kitchen space (see what we did there?), try turning to a simple yet tasty alternative. These ham-centric recipes will satisfy your cravings without too much hassle.

Want to up your Easter brunch game? Look no further than this cheesy, ham-studded frittata! To make this breakfast classic, mix chopped up deli ham with frozen broccoli, eggs and two types of cheese. Simply bake for about an hour and voila! You’ll have a wow-factor breakfast that’s easy, tasty and full of salty-smoky flavor.

You can always count on Ina Garten for an easy yet elegant dish. Her little secret? This recipe requires just five ingredients — puff pastry, Dijon mustard, Swiss Gruyere cheese, an egg and plenty of sliced deli ham. She layers the meat and cheese inside puff pastry, then bakes the whole thing into a golden, flaky treat that is sure to provide that special holiday feel.

Food Network's Cheesy Gnocchi Casserole with Ham and Peas

Photo by: Tara Donne ©FOOD NETWORK : 2012, Television Food Network, G.P.

Tara Donne, FOOD NETWORK : 2012, Television Food Network, G.P.

More ham and cheese, please! Combine gnocchi with ham, peas and Swiss to make an ooey-gooey pasta dish you won’t want to share.

Photo by: Armando Rafael

Armando Rafael

Want a dish that sings of spring? This creamy pasta salad gets its fantastic flavor from salty ham, tart lemon juice and fresh herbs. You can use whatever ham you have on hand for this dish — deli ham is great, but country ham or leftovers from another meal are equally delicious.



Photo by: Justin Walker

Justin Walker

You don’t need a whole ham to have a classic Easter dinner. Ham steaks, which are thick slices of ham that can be purchased at the grocery store, can be just as delicious and easier to portion. Sprinkle the ham steaks with brown sugar as they cook to get that classic baked ham flavor and serve with a simple rice salad and a tangy chive sauce.

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