These Foods Prove That There Are 2 Types of People in the World

Everyone has an opinion about the 'right' way to eat them.

April 30, 2021
Peeled orange being sliced on chopping board beside coil of orange peel removed from orange. Chopping board on kitchen table with a few more oranges in the background.


Peeled orange being sliced on chopping board beside coil of orange peel removed from orange. Chopping board on kitchen table with a few more oranges in the background.

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It happened on your typical Saturday morning. I was sitting at the table eating breakfast with my fiancé when I asked if he could take an orange out of the refrigerator for me to eat. He grabbed the fruit for me — but then he took out the cutting board and sliced the orange into wedges before handing me a plateful. I was completely and utterly baffled.

Growing up, my mom would always, always peel our oranges for us. Of course, I’ve eaten my fair share of sliced oranges before at restaurants or during high school volleyball practice, but at home we were a peeled-orange kind of family. I pointed out to my fiancé that peeling your oranges is better because you didn’t need a knife, plate or cutting board (which means less dirty dishes). He swiftly replied that cutting the fruit was much easier then digging your fingernails into the skin — and that it didn’t leave you with sticky fingers. After going back and forth, I finally decided to post this debate on social media to prove once and for all that peeled oranges were superior. Boy, was I wrong. The response was surprisingly split.

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Lauren Tom

And, this got me thinking; what other food conundrums might be just as polarizing? I have a few ideas.

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Oreo Cookies

Some eat the cookie as a sandwich while others start with the cream first. Even though you probably fall into one of those two camps, this cake may be the one thing we can all agree on.

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Sometimes the simplest lunchtime meal turns into a debate. When cutting your sandwich in half do you prefer straight down the middle or diagonally across?

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Fries and Ketchup

Whether you’re eating fast food or making your own batch of French fries at home, the golden question is this: do you dip your fries into ketchup or drizzle the condiment all over?

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Pizza Crust

Pizza may be a favorite for most people, but it’s the crust that’s up for debate! It can be the best part of the pizza or the thing your throw away after you’re done eating. What do you think?

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Peanut Butter

PB&J has always been a classic and we’ve upgraded the flavor combo in recipes for pies, cheesecake and cookies. But when you’re reaching into your pantry are you grabbing a jar of crunchy or creamy peanut butter?

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