5 Graduation Dessert Tables That Deserve an A+

Study these stylish displays and you’ll have no trouble creating your own when it’s time to celebrate your grad!

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May 10, 2021

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Graduation cupcakes with vanilla frosting


Graduation cupcakes with vanilla frosting

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As far back as I can remember, every birthday, achievement or milestone has been celebrated with a cake. Whether it was a classic, round supermarket one with our names written on top in wobbly script, an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen with a layer of chocolate cookie crunchies on the inside, or a fancy fondant flower confection from a bakery — there was always cake.

Cake has always been a symbol of celebratory events in our lives, but I can’t help but wonder about other desserts ― mostly because, in recent years, I’ve noticed a lot of weddings, parties and graduations straying from a traditional cake and opting for a dessert table instead. I love how this assortment of individual-size treats serves not only as dessert but as another aspect of the décor at the party. Besides, why stick with just one slice of cake when there are so many other sugary treats to choose from?!

With graduation season approaching for many of us, there’s no time like the present to gather a little inspo for a dessert table of your own.

This one really takes the cake...and throws it out the window! With no tiered cake in sight, this table offers an assortment of yogurt parfaits, cupcakes, chocolate-covered strawberries, and wrapped rice cereal treats on a stick. It’s a diverse dessert menu, but all the treats have one thing in common: they’re individual-size and you don’t have to share!

This table includes a cake but it’s just one of a wide variety of other desserts ― like pudding cups, cookies, and cupcakes. To display these sweet treats, upgrade to cake stands and pedestals instead of boring plates. Another nice touch? The refreshing chilled cucumber water that’s ready and waiting along with the desserts.

Not only does this graduate have candy apples and chocolate covered pretzels rods (yum!) but everything is displayed on pretty dishes and in beautiful glass apothecary jars. Want your guests to take a few sweets home as their favor? Set out some of these gold goodie boxes so they can pack a treat to go!

I’ve got to applaud the special touches (like a huge GRAD sign and personalized desserts with the school color splashed everywhere) on this one. Everything from the doughnuts to the macarons pay homage to the school and stick to the theme. This table also includes custom water bottles with the graduate’s face on them because you’ve got to stay hydrated!

From the props (like the world globe and cake pedestals) to the desserts themselves, this table takes its inspiration from a simple, classy color scheme: black and gold. If you want to give your cupcakes and cookies a little extra glam, try spraying them with an edible gold sparkle dust like this one.

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