Jet Tila’s Flamin’ Hot Cheeto Fried Postickers Put the Joy Back Into Cooking

We challenge you not to smile.

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"Most of you probably know me as the serious food dude, but I can take off the collared shirts and have a good time," Jet Tila says at the beginning of his Flamin’ Hot Cheeto Fried Potstickers class on the Food Network Kitchen app. Boy, are we ready to join him. We bring you this lighthearted class as a reminder that cooking can be easy, playful and a whole lot of fun.

Jet, who grew up in L.A. in a Thai and Chinese family, makes these potstickers for sporting events, weekend snacking, fun hangouts … or anytime he simply needs his food to make him smile. They’re visual (thanks to the bright red Cheetos), spicy and tangy.

You could do as Jet's mom does and make your own postickers, but the recipe calls for frozen, steamed ones — a smart shortcut that limits the total time to less than 30 minutes.

The extra-fun part of the class comes when Tila dumps a whole bunch of Cheetos into a food processor and pulses them all up until they turn into vibrant red Cheeto dust. So oddly satisfying. He then stirs in some panko breadcrumbs for more crunch. If you enjoy the Cheeto dust mixture, you can bread other things in it too … like egg rolls or mac and cheese balls (hm-hm).

Next, during the class you’ll learn how to set up set up a classic breading station, and then you’ll fry up your potstickers just two minutes apiece until they’re crispy. When you pull them out of the deep fryer, they’ll remain a neat fiery red color.

Now, the only thing left? Deciding which kind of dipping sauce you’d like to serve. Maybe it’s a ranch kinda day or maybe you’re feeling barbecue sauce (or maybe, you want to get wild and do both). Either way, you can’t go wrong.

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