5 Recipes That Prove Pound Cake Is the Perfect Summertime Dessert

Fresh fruit and sunny citrus turn this indulgent cake into the most delicious warm-weather treat.

June 04, 2021

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Description: Food Network Kitchen's Pineapple Upside-Down Pound Cake.

Description: Food Network Kitchen's Pineapple Upside-Down Pound Cake.

Photo by: Matt


For the longest time I hated cake. There, I said it!

When I was younger, I detested the strange, spongy texture and the overly sweet cream cheese or fondant frosting. When my birthday came around, I would request an ice cream cake or cupcakes as a second choice. My friends constantly argued that a cupcake was basically a miniature version of a cake so how could I like one and not the other? My point exactly; Because of their smaller size, cupcakes always seemed denser (and not at all spongy). And, in my opinion, that made them taste better.

So, for years I avoided cake until I found one that tossed everything I thought I knew out the window: pound cake. A pound cake is soft and buttery but also DENSE — and not at all dry or crumbly. It’s the perfect solution for all my cake dilemmas. Whether it’s baked in a Bundt or a loaf pan, it always ends up moist and delicious. And, while pound cake may feel like it’s on the heavier side, it can actually make a really great summer dessert.

I’ve found that, instead of dark chocolate, rich vanilla buttercream or a heavy marbled loaf, the simple addition of fresh fruits and seasonal flavors will lighten up an otherwise indulgent cake. Don’t believe me? Try these recipes and you’ll see what I mean.

A tropical spin on a classic dessert? Sign me up! Not only do the slices of pineapple serve as decoration but the pieces of fruit give the batter even more flavor. After baking, let the cake rest a bit, so that the caramelized sugar and pineapple juice can absorb into the cake even more.

Ree combines sweet and nutty flavors in her cast-iron skillet pound cake. Bake for about an hour so the batter is cooked through and the crumb topping is nice and crispy. A lemon glaze makes the perfect finishing touch.

Citrus Sunshine Pound Cake, as seen on Food Network Kitchen Live.

Citrus Sunshine Pound Cake, as seen on Food Network Kitchen Live.

Photo by: Kerri Brewer

Kerri Brewer

The name says it all! This brilliant cake includes lemon zest, orange zest and plenty of citrus juice.

Description: Eddie Jackson's Peach Cobbler Pound Cake.

Description: Eddie Jackson's Peach Cobbler Pound Cake.

Photo by: Matt


Transform the ultimate summer dessert into a mouthwatering pound cake! The only thing this streusel-topped beauty needs when it comes time to serve it? A dollop of whipped cream.

Berries are a quintessential part of warm-weather desserts so it’s no surprise that they’re right at home with this cake. The ricotta in the batter keeps the cake moist and rich and the strawberries add just the right amount of sweetness.

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