This Margarita Is Made with Tortilla Chip-Infused Tequila

Chips + margs together, forever.

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Crushing a bowl of chips over a few rounds of margaritas is practically mandatory. But while snacking on a bag of corn chips while working on new drink ideas, Jake Larowe of Birds & Bees in Los Angeles realized that there could be more to that pairing. Larowe decided to combine the flavors in an infusion.

The result was the Flor de Nopal, which means “cactus flower” in Spanish. It’s made with tequila that’s been infused with tortilla chips. The resulting fat-washed liquor is mixed with lime and orange juices and a syrup made with vegetal nopal (though prickly pear is a fine substitute). The savory libation is served over ice in a rocks glass that’s rimmed with Frito crumbs.

It’s an all-in-one chip-and-margarita bonanza.

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