Sandra's Saturday Savings: Cost Control

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Sandra Lee

Every Saturday morning in January, Sandra Lee teams up with the FN Dish to bring you budget-friendly tips for creating delicious dishes and meals for your family. From the supermarket to the stove, she'll help you stretch every dollar and minute.

This week, Sandra shares ideas for cutting costs that will help you save all year long.

1. Bring your lunch; it’s generally one-third the cost of buying your lunch from an inexpensive restaurant.

2. 5% of the average American’s income goes to fast food; that comes to an average of $1,820 per year! Avoid the urge to get fast food and cook at home.

3. The average American consumes over 50 gallons of soft drinks per year. Switching to water will save over $280 per person each year!

4. The average American throws away 14% of their food, which equals close to $600 per year. So heat up those leftovers and save!

5. The average monthly cost of food for a family of four is $1,126. If your family is way over that number, you might want to rethink your food spending.

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