The Most Over-the-Top Meatloaf You’ve Ever Had

Plus, the mistake everyone makes with garlic.

January 24, 2020

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There’s meatloaf and then there’s meatloaf that Guy Fieri will drive across the country to try. On an episode of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, Guy tastes a meatloaf so intense that we just had to recreate it. Jordan Andino’s take on the BBQ Meatloaf from DDD combines not one, not two, but four meats into one over-the-top creation.

This meatloaf starts with four ounces of rendered bacon. Then the onions are sauteed in the bacon fat. Adding the onion to the same pan the bacon cooked in allows it to pick up all those lovely browned bits left behind by the bacon. “When you cook pretty much anything not in a non-stick pan, you’re going to have some extra caramelized bits on the bottom, that’s called ‘sucs’ in French or ‘fond’ in English and really that’s just flavor,” says Jordan. “Make sure you scrape the bottom and get all that flavor into the onion. That’s going to go right back into the meatloaf.”

Once the onions are well on their way to translucence, you add in the chopped garlic. “You want to cook the garlic after the onions because the garlic cooks real quick. You don’t want burnt garlic, trust me, it ruins your whole dish.” Throw the minced garlic in when the onions are about 95 percent done. The onions will be a light golden brown and some of the edges will start to crisp. The garlic really only needs to cook for 30 seconds.

Jordan adds the onion-garlic mixture to his bowl with the ground beef and bacon, tosses in some breadcrumbs and spices and then things get interesting. He also adds pulled pork and entire rack of barbecued ribs. “That’s what’s really going to elevate this into barbecued meatloaf … We’ve got bacon, pulled pork, barbecued ribs and ground beef all in here. This is how you do meatloaf.”

Watch the BBQ Meatloaf class on your Food Network Kitchen app to see the rest of Jordan's method for cooking the perfect meatloaf. His trick for getting a thick carmelized topping is a must see!

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