This Holiday Appliance Makes Perfect Dessert Tacos

It's pretty much a game changer.

Host Valerie Bertinelli as seen on Valerie's Home Cooking, Season 9.

Is your pizzelle maker gathering dust in the attic, waiting patiently for a holiday? Well Valerie just made it the star of Taco Tuesday. On Valerie’s Home Cooking, Valerie pops it out to make Neapolitan Dessert Tacos.

If you aren't familiar with Pizzelles, they are flat, waffle-shaped cookies that are made in a special iron. They are popular around holidays, like Christmas and Easter. If you don't have a special pizzelle maker, you can make perfect little circles in a pan with Valerie’s simple batter, but the pizzelle iron will make uniform taco shells.



Baked Homemade Crispy Pizzelles in a Stack

Photo by: bhofack2


Simply drop a tablespoon of batter into the preheated pizzelle maker and cook to desired brownness. After it cooks, lay the hot disks gently over the handle of a spoon to cool. One they are set, you can store the taco shells in an air tight container for a week or use immediately. Valerie fills them with baby scoops of ice cream and her dessert imposter salsa made with macerated strawberries and mint.

We say don’t stop there! Set up a topping bar as you would for savory tacos. Make some chocolate sauce to drizzle over and some fresh whipped cream to dollop on top like you would sour cream. Use coconut for cheese and mint for cilantro. Get some inspiration from the dessert imposter tacos from Kids Baking Championship! Go all out, after all, “Taco Tuesday is basically a holiday,” says Valerie. We couldn’t agree more!

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