These Game-Changing Appliances Can Make Cooking Easier

With the right tools, you can multi-task, cook faster and ultimately save yourself some stress.

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February 01, 2021
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As much as we love trying the latest restaurant or ordering lots of take out, we love to cook. It's a rare opportunity to get reacquainted with our kitchens, try out a few new recipes, and make the most of all our gadgets. (Yes, even those that were collecting dust in your cabinets.)

But after months of cooking three meals a day? It’s safe to say the novelty of at-home cooking has worn out its welcome. Make no mistake, we still love to cook, however, making breakfast, lunch, and dinner is a long, drawn-out process, so we’re looking for ways to cut down the time we spend in the kitchen.

If you’re looking to do the same, we’ve combed the web for the best appliances and tools that help you get food on the table, faster.


They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but why is it such a pain to assemble? Whether you’re up early for an important meeting — or, more realistically, hit the snooze button more times than you’d like to admit — it’s likely that your busy day starts the moment you wake up. You might be able to brew a fresh pot of coffee, but you rarely have the time to brew a nutritious and delicious breakfast.

That’s where Dash’s Rapid Egg Cooker comes in. It doesn’t matter if you prefer your eggs hard-boiled, scrambled, or poached, this small gadget is designed to take the time and energy out of your breakfast. Simply add your eggs, pour the appropriate amount of water from your complimentary measuring cup, and press the button. The cooker will emit a small "beep" once your eggs are ready. (Yes, it’s that easy.)

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Why stop at a batch of scrambled eggs when you can pick up Hamilton Beach’s Breakfast Sandwich Maker? This quirky gadget features two compartments: a lower area to place your bun, favorite deli meat, and a slice of cheese as well as an upper section for a raw egg. The machine will warm up the bottom half of your sandwich — and cook your egg — for about four to five minutes. Once you hear a beep, slide out the partition to drop your cooked egg onto your sandwich. Add the top bun and presto! A delicious breakfast sandwich in a snap!

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Anyone who wants to bring the ease of the Instant Pot to other facets of your kitchen will find a lot to love about the Vortex Pro Air Fryer. Similar to the original Instant Pot, this pick merges nine, game-changing functions into a single, 10-quart oven. But, instead of sautéeing and slow-cooking, this option can roast, toast, and air fry your meals. Simply place your ingredients inside of the oven and let the Vortex work its magic.

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If you're not in need of an air fry function, give NuWave’s Pro Plus Infrared Oven a try. This tabletop option allows you to bake, broil and roast with ease. The oven can get up to 350 degrees F and even has "Warm" and "Delay" functions in case you want to get a head-start on your recipe. But the magic lies in its heating system, which NuWae claims can cook food 70% faster and with 75% less energy than a traditional oven. Best of all? The clear cover allows you to check in on your recipe’s progress without opening an oven door every five minutes.

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Want to make an easy, delicious dinner, but have no idea where to start? The Instant Pot Duo is bound to deliver. There’s a reason why this multi-cooker is a staple in most kitchens. With a spacious six-quart container and 14 one-touch programs, the Instant Pot Duo can make everything from hearty stews to homemade yogurt. (In fact, some recipes can be as easy as adding your ingredients, selecting a program, and letting your Instant Pot take care of the rest.)

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In a perfect world, every dish would feature a protein and at least one type of veggies. But, in reality? Whipping up a multi-course meal can be easier said than done. Not only do you have limited stovetop space, but managing each hot pot and pan is overwhelming. If you want to cook multiple dishes at once — and cut down on time in the process — add the Master Pan to your cart. This non-stick, aluminum pan has five compartments so you can cook everything in one fell swoop. Don’t let its large size fool you; The Master Pan can fit snugly on a single burner and heats up evenly.

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If you're not an expert in the knife skills department, we highly recommend getting an appliance for that. Anyone who wants to keep slicing and dicing vegetables by hand to a minimum should consider picking up a food processor. With an eight-cup capacity and set of reversible shredding and slicing discs, this gadget can do everything from chop produce to puree creamy soups — with no tears in sight.

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