Upgrade Your Grilling Game With These Hot Tools for Your BBQ

Ready to make the move from basic grilling tools to serious grill-master gear? We've got your back. Check out these next-level grill accessories.

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June 25, 2018
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One of the great obstacles of grilling is knowing when your meat is done. Take the guessing out of the equation with a meat thermometer. This little baby is bluetooth enabled, so you can stick it in your steak and walk away. The thermometer will let you know through an app on your phone when your meat reaches your desired temperature.

If you love the taste of food cooked over charcoal but can't quite master the flames, this upgrade is for you. You load up the charcoal chimney with briquettes, light them and let them burn in the cylinder until they all reach the perfect cooking temperature, then release them into your grill. No lighter fluid or perfect pyramid shapes needed. It really is a miracle tool.

Anyone who's ever tossed some kebabs on the grill knows that errant vegetables are bound to be lost to the flames. But maybe not if you use these genius kebab baskets. They close firmly around all vegetables or meats so you don't have to sweat as you flip your kebab. Everything is going to stay in place. They're so smart that it makes you wonder what took someone so long to come up with them.

You might look at these tools and think they're so "dad" that they're laughable. But you know who's smart and probably taught you half of the stuff you know? Your dad. Each of the tools in this set has a built in flashlight that will seem so useful as you man your grill in the dark that you won't remember why you ever had any non-flashlight tools.

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Leaping flames, hot food, and piping pans constantly threaten a griller's hands. Protect yourself from the heat with these silicone gloves. They can withstand temperatures up to 500-degrees, are non-slip, and give you full use of all your fingers which makes them perfect for handling your hottest BBQs.

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The best barbecuers know that you don't pour sauce on your food and spread it with a spoon; you don't use a brush and paint it on; you use a mop to get your sauce into every nook and cranny of your meat. The mop holds the sauce better and allows for quick work so you can get your lid back on where it belongs.

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It's easier to add smoky wood flavor to your food than you think. And no, the trick isn't liquid smoke. It's trees. This variety pack of wood chips will let you experiment with flavors by trying out the apple, cherry and hickory and is a great place to start your BBQ 201 self-taught class. Toss them right into your grill or use a smoker box like the one below.

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So here's a little secret: you don't actually need to buy a separate smoker to smoke your food. All you need is a little contraption like this stainless steel box. Fill it up with your favorite wood chips and let the grill do the rest.

Leave your everyday apron in the kitchen, and get yourself a grill apron like this one for the outdoors. Grill aprons should be able to handle stains, durable and most of all, they should have pockets for your tools. This one fits the bill with a canvas bib and leather pockets.

Once you master your basic grill skills, chances are pretty good that you're going to start itching to up your game. May we suggest grilling your next 'za? You need a charcoal grill for this mini pizza oven to work but if you've got one, basically you're going to become a pizza grilling monster! Please invite us to pizza night.

Nighttime BBQs are magical, but how can you tell when your burger's ready to be flipped if it's dark? There are loads of homemade hacks—from spelunking headlamps to bungeed flashlights—but trust us. It's time you got a light that's made for the job.

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Probably the last thing you want to think about when you're pulling your meal off the grill is cleaning it. But get yourself a brush like this and make quick work of stuck food. It's got a huge cleaning area and is safe for porcelain and all other grate types. Hot tip: If you hit your grill while it's still warm with a grill brush, it'll be so much easier to clean!

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Take the time to barbecue a pork shoulder for the most amazing pulled pork tacos of you life. Pulling the meat can be done with forks and elbow grease or it can be done awesome-style with bear-like food claws. These tools can also be used for lifting and carving, too. Promise you'll feel like a wild animal when tearing into your meat. In a cool way.

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There's not much worse than oversalted food. Add a gentle salty flavor and look like a total pro by grilling up your grub on a Himalayan pink salt block. When warmed up, the brick acts as perfect cooking surface and it imparts a delicate flavor slowly and naturally.

Only serious BBQ ballers grill oysters and you can be one of them. This cast iron pan has room for a dozen oysters and can be used for shucked or half-shells. You can even chill this pan and use it as a cold serving dish.

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