You Can Buy These Superfoods for $3 or Less

Here are 9 budget-friendly, superduper superfoods.

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Seriously, Less Than $3

Looking for some healthy foods on the cheap? You don’t have to break the bank to eat healthy on a budget. These nutritious ingredients cost just a few bucks.


When in season, this superfood sells for $1.00 to $2.00 each. Cut it in half, grab a spoon, add a sprinkle of salt and you’ve got a one-ingredient snack filled with healthy fats, folate and fiber.


There’s no denying the nutrition power of eggs and when they cost less than $0.50 each you can enjoy a big omelet for less than $3.00. To get the most nutrients including lutein, omega-3 fats and protein eat the yolks and the whites.

Brown Rice

Choosing whole grain brown rice over white ensures a boost of minerals and hunger squashing fiber. Switch to brown rice in your rice bowls, burritos and stir fries and elevate their nutrition to super status. The best part is the price — a 2-pound bag sells for $2.79.


Oranges boast a multitude of nutrients including fiber, vitamin and of course, Vitamin C. Not only does this antioxidant-rich food fight inflammation, it promotes the production of collagen for glowing skin.


It may seem cliché to include kale on a superfood list but it’s too darn good to leave out. One bunch of this leafy green costs about $2.99 and that’s plenty of kale for large salads, kale chips, or a batch of vitamin K- and antioxidant-filled pesto.


A cup of black coffee may have a low calorie count, but there's lots of antioxidant goodness steeped into brewed coffee. A new study found that drinking four cups of coffee a day could have a protective effect on the heart (just be aware of your caffeine consumption). The compounds in coffee have also been linked to a reduced risk of diseases like type 2 diabetesand certain types of cancer. Stop at your local coffee joint and pick up a 16 fl ounce cup for about $2.00.


Hot, cold, overnight, slow cooker or baked into granola, oats, have a plethora of fiber, magnesium, zinc, and B-vitamins. A standard 18oz container sells for between $2.00 and $3.00. Look for a store brand for the biggest savings.

Peanut Butter

It’s hard to believe this decadent blend of peanuts is actually good for you. When a 15-ounce jar costs $2.69 you can spread the healthy fats, vitamin E, fiber and protein onto fresh fruit, whole grain bread, rice cakes or eat it by the spoonful.


Don’t underestimate the tummy-pleasing and bone-building benefits of this dairy super star. Thanks to nutrients like probiotics, vitamin D, calcium and protein (choose Greek yogurt for the most protein) reaching for yogurt as part of meals and snacks is a smart move. Pick up a serving for less than $2 each.