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Riviera Egg Pie

Mary Nolan creates a quiche-like dish, but with a tasty twist.

Mary Nolan

Mary Nolan

Mary Nolan shares her sophisticated yet simple meal ideas and crowd-pleasing tips for memorable occasions on Chic & Easy.

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Chic & Easy showcases the philosophy that successful entertaining results from mouthwatering menus and stylish, welcoming atmospheres that don't break the bank. With easy preparation, and flavorful food that wows time and again, Mary Nolan offers accessible, inspired solutions for the unforgettable occasion. Her sophisticated yet simple meals are delicious, easy to prepare and hard to forget. Whether it's using local produce, showcasing a single splurge ingredient or impressing guests with a unique flea-market find, get ready for the party, because Mary's crowd-pleasing and affordable ideas make entertaining your friends Chic & Easy.

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