Every Single RXBAR Flavor, Ranked

We tried all 17 RXBARs to determine which flavors are the best and which you should leave on the grocery store shelf.

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June 07, 2019

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You know RXBARs. Those chic packaged protein bars that come in an array of colors (and flavors) — 17 to be exact. They’re a lot like Pokémon cards: getting a new one will make you giddy. So, we set out catch ’em all and tried all 17 (yes, SEVENTEEN) flavors. Keep reading to find out which ones rose to the top and which we'd leave behind on our next grocery run.


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If you’ve only tried one RXBAR flavor, odds are it was the Chocolate Sea Salt. It’s overwhelmingly the most popular flavor — and with good reason. The bits of cocoa are authentic and rich without being overly sweet, and the flakes of sea salt on top offer a salty finish you didn’t know you needed. But it’s the accessibility (chocolate-anything is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser, so this bar is always in stock) that justifies this as our number one pick.

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Our team fought over which flavor deserved the bronze and silver medal. So, to prevent a straight-up fist fight, we decided to give both Peanut Butter & Berries AND Chocolate Cherry the honor of second place.

PB & Berries is pretty much the more productive, grown-up version of PB & J. While there isn’t actual jelly oozing from the center of this RXBAR, the berry (mostly raspberry) flavor is present throughout. It’s a protein bar with a side of nostalgia. We cannot stress this enough: This flavor. Is. LIT.

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It should go without saying by now that RXBARs are at their best when chocolate is present (just look at our top five winners!). So, we really weren’t surprised that this fruit and chocolate combination hit it out of the park. The bits of dried cherries are just tart enough, so they still add a lovely element of sweetness. If you like fruity desserts, get ready to love this bar.

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Coconut is a somewhat polarizing ingredient — you either love it or are vehemently against its presence anywhere. As long as you’re not the latter, you’ll understand how this bar made it into the top five. The coconut flavor is really fresh even without noticeable coconut flakes (a texture that can be somewhat off-putting). Due to the richness of the Coconut Chocolate bar, you might mistake it for German chocolate cake. But is that really a bad thing?

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We’re pleased to report that the most classic of combinations doesn’t disappoint in RXBAR form. The chocolate flavor only really shows itself through chunks of cacao on a mostly peanut butter base, but we think that it makes for the perfect flavor balance. A little saltier than we expected, reach for this bar when you’re in the mood for something that’s not on the super-sweet side.

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Wow. This is better than a spoonful of peanut butter (don’t @ us). The peanut is SO fresh and you can smell it from miles (OK, feet) away. It has all the best parts of PB without that heavy texture. We can’t say we weren’t impressed, but since PB on its own can be a little controversial, we’re docking it at spot number six.

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If you’re not into mint, feel free to move on. Into the fresh feeling? RXBAR continues to surprise us with their “No B.S.” approach. Instead of tasting like some weird, artificial, edible toothpaste, you can tell that the mint is *really real* in this bar. Even though this is a healthier snack, this bar satisfied our sweet tooth in this indulgent, classic dessert flavor.

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This RXBAR definitely tastes like coffee. Half the team was really into it, but the other half thought it mostly tasted like coffee grounds rather than the sweet, milky version of coffee they're used to.

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Put aside whatever expectations you have for a chocolate and hazelnut combination. This bar doesn’t quite hit the mark of indulgent (mainly due to the weak amount of hazelnut), but it’s not exactly boring either. A solid center-of-the-pack option, the best way to describe this one is … good.

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You would think that Apple Cinnamon would be a no-brainer when combined with dates and almonds. And it is; they all mesh well together. But in doing so, there isn’t anything really exciting about this bar. The apple isn’t as bright as we’d hoped and overall, it’s reminiscent of a candle. But then again, candles do smell good...

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The team was divided on this one. Some of us thought Blueberry deserved to be within the ranks of our top five. But others just… “didn’t like it.” So much so that a long discussion was had on where Blueberry deserved to be — and this is where it ended up. #TeamBlueberry found that this flavor is super-fragrant and its sweet, strong tartness woke up our taste buds. It’s an ideal take on a blueberry protein bar, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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While banana flavor from anything other than a straight-up banana is unappealing to some, this RXBAR doesn’t taste artificial. It tastes exactly like banana bread – no more, no less. And yet, we’re not jumping up and down about this flavor. On the whole, it’s just OK.

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What surprised us most about this flavor were the bits of berry seeds mixed into the bar. Sure, they claim both real raspberries and strawberries on the ingredients list, but there is something about getting that little crunch of seed that makes it much more satisfying (and believable!). As for flavor, it’s a good middle-of-the-pack option. Not the first we’d grab for, but we definitely wouldn’t be mad to end up with it as an afternoon snack, either.

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This one is something of a unicorn RXBAR. It’s an unexpected flavor for a protein bar, but in this case, it tastes more like a healthier, adult version of a Fruit Roll-Up. There are definitely people who are really into it, but we don’t see it garnering mass appeal. It’s totally an acquired taste.

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At first glance, lemon seemed to be the least-appealing of the flavors. But actually? It’s not the worst. RXBAR definitely brings on the citrus flavor, making for a kind of super sour protein bar that, to some, *could* taste like a cleaning product. But to others, it just tastes like a lemon curd cookie bar – and we can get down with that.

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If you’re going into this bar thinking it’s going to resemble a chocolate chip cookie, you’re going to be disappointed. While we respect the intent, it ends up being rather flavorless aside from the sparse bits of chocolate chips scattered throughout. Opt for one of the higher-ranking chocolate flavors to satisfy your craving, instead.

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This flavor was a bit of a roller coaster for us. Initially, it really didn’t sound appealing (maple-flavored anything has a tendency to go overboard on sweetness). But once we tried it, we were surprised by the similarities the flavor had to a hearty stack of syrup-drenched pancakes. Why did it fall at the bottom, then? Unfortunately, while spot on, the flavor (and smell) was just too aggressive for a small protein bar.

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