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How to Make an Easter Lamb Cake

Learn how to make an adorable buttercream-piped lamb cake just in time for Easter with this step-by-step guide.
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Almost Too Cute to Eat

Lamb, a symbol of renewal, has long been at the center of Easter tradition. Now even the vegetarians at your Easter feast can enjoy a taste with this adorable lamb cake. Find out how simple it is to assemble this festive dessert with little more than classic vanilla cake and buttercream frosting.
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Before You Start

Fill a plastic piping bag with frosting. If you have a multi-opening decorating tip, insert that into the end of the piping bag before adding the frosting. If not, just cut a very small hole at the end of the bag to allow the air to escape as you fill it. Tie the bag with a rubber band to close. Add the leftover frosting to a bowl.

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Set One Layer Aside

Since you will need only two of your three cakes to start, set one of the cakes aside for later.

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Cut the Cakes

Cut two of the cakes in half to make four half-circles.

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