Turkey Soup Recipes

Get delicious turkey soup recipes, including ones for vegetable, dumpling, and black bean soups, from Food Network.

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Bird to the Last Drop

Even if you're still tired from preparing Thanksgiving dinner, you can make Alton Brown's simple turkey soup by utilizing the pantry, freezer and spice cabinet.

Get the Recipe: Bird to the Last Drop

Turkey Vegetable Soup with Stuffing Dumplings

Two Thanksgiving favorites, turkey and stuffing, are combined into one dish. If your leftover stuffing is chunky and rustic, finely chop it to make these delicate dumplings.

Get the Recipe: Turkey Vegetable Soup with Stuffing Dumplings

Turkey Dumpling Stew

The perfect day-after dinner: a thick, comforting, vegetable-filled turkey stew made with homemade stock and topped with buttery dumplings.

Get the Recipe: Turkey Dumpling Stew

Leftover Roast Turkey Pho

Reinvent your Thanksgiving turkey into a bowl of intensely flavorful Vietnamese-style pho. In our take, we fortify store-bought chicken broth with turkey bones, charred vegetables and toasted spices to create a rich broth.

Get the Recipe: Leftover Roast Turkey Pho

Day-After Turkey Soup

Besides making great use of your leftover turkey, this comforting soup is a great way to do a post-Thanksgiving crisper-bin purge. Leftover green beans, corn and sweet potatoes are at home alongside pasta and tender turkey.

Get the Recipe: Day-After Turkey Soup

Turkey-Escarole Soup with Farfalline

In this spin on a classic Italian soup, leftover roast turkey is paired with hearty greens and potatoes that have been cooked until tender in a rich, lemon-scented broth. 

Get the Recipe: Turkey-Escarole Soup with Farfalline

Turkey Broth

Send all the leftovers home with your guests? Put the bird's carcass to work by making broth, which you can freeze and use later in any number of soup recipes.

Get the Recipe: Turkey Broth

Next-Day Turkey Soup

This soup is made with a stock so good you'll be licking your soup bowls clean. Michael Chiarello adds leftovers like Brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes and green beans to his version.

Get the Recipe: Next-Day Turkey Soup with Mashed Potato Polpetti