The 20 Groceries You Should Always Buy at Costco

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November 09, 2022

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Top 20 Groceries to Buy at Costco

Costco Wholesale is a favorite among shoppers nationwide thanks to their buy-in-bulk format and beloved Kirkland brand. But, depending on your circumstances, not everything from this retailer, which is the second most-popular grocer according to Dunnhumby’s second annual Retailer Preference Index (only falling short to cult-favorite, Trader Joe’s), is worth a purchase. For example, unless you’re buying for a party or a large, hungry family, some perishable items might not make sense to buy by-the-pound. But, no matter who you are, there are some items that are undoubtedly worth getting that yearly membership for. After vetting some tried-and-true Costco lovers, we’ve rounded up pantry and freezer staples you shouldn’t be purchasing anywhere else.

This article has been updated since its original publish date July 2019.


The price and amount of this chicken might seem alarming, but when broken down by the pound, buying meat at Costco is actually a great deal. And since you can easily freeze chicken, you don’t have to worry about your precious poultry going to waste. Another crowd favorite from Costco is the rotisserie chicken, which famously retails for just $5. This product became so popular, the company opened its own production facility just for the rotisserie chicken back in 2018.

Cakes and Sheet Cakes

Food Network staffers can't get enough of Costco's sheet cakes — and for good reason. Get a full sheet cake for a special event (one staffer even had it at her wedding!) or opt for a half-sheet for a smaller event. Either way, you'll ensure a delicious cake with an impressive frosting. While you can't order sheet cakes online, you can order the small, 10-inch cakes for more intimate gatherings.

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

A lot of shoppers praised the quality of Costco’s EVOO. And if you’re regularly dressing salads or using olive oil in your cooking, stocking up is probably a great option. Don’t be intimidated by the two-liter bottle. We recommend this handy oil dispenser to make portioning a breeze.

Nut Butter

Nut butter is a staple is most households, so finding a great option at a good price is almost essential these days. Compared to other nut butters on the market, this 27-ounce jar of almond butter is a steal and worth picking up during your next trip.


Whether you're prepping for a day of baking or just like to keep a couple dozen eggs on hand to feed your family, it's always a great option to buy in bulk at Costco. You'll go through them faster than you think.


Costco shoppers love all the options Costco has to offer when it comes to snack food. Whether you’re looking to buy small packs of trail mix in bulk or a big bag of popcorn, Costco has you covered (and usually at a competitively low price!).

Mixed Nuts

If you’ve come to accept the notion that nuts are expensive and that is that, well, we have some great news for you. Kirkland has a huge variety of mixed, salted and unsalted nuts at competitive by-the-pound prices. Never think twice about adding this protein-packed snack to your cart again.


Some whole spices can stay fresh for up to three years, which means buying in bulk at a discounted price is definitely worth it whether you’re going to use those seasonings every day or a few times a month. Be strategic, though. Ground spices can start to lose their flavor around six months, so only pick up the ones you know you’ll use often (like salt and pepper!).

Sparkling Mineral Water

Is there anything more refreshing than sparkling water? If that answer is no, do yourself a favor and buy bottles of the carbonated stuff at Costco.

Paper Products

Paper goods are something you’re probably already buying in bulk, so why not get them at a great price at Costco? Those who love the retailer stock up on kitchen essentials like paper plates, paper towels and napkins because they know there is nothing worse than reaching for a paper towel and realizing, you’re out.

Price: $10.99

Vanilla Extract

Costco superfans swear by the Kirkland-brand vanilla extract (one of our editors has a bottle in her pantry at all times!). Plus, with this 16-ounce bottle, you won't have to worry about running out for a long time.


Opt for organic honey from Costco for a budget-friendly condiment that is great for baking, tea and more.


Who doesn't love a great deal on wine? Costco users swear by stocking up their wine fridges and racks with bottles from Costco.

Price: $8.59

Frozen Fruit

If you love making smoothies for breakfast, it's a great idea to stock your freezer with frozen fruit from Costco.

Price: $14.99

Rotisserie Chicken

Costco's rotisserie chickens are known for being large and delicous, so grab one next time you're shopping and enjoy all week long for dinner, lunch and more.


Whether you're feeding a crowd for a party or want enough bacon for a party, shopping from Costco can be a delicious and affordable option.


Depending on your coffee preference, buying in bulk from Costco might be a great option for you.


When stocking up vodka for cooking or mixing, you might want to take a look at vodka from Costco.

Basil Pesto

Keep this delicious pesto on-hand for quick pastas, sandwich topping and more.

Organic Seaweed Snack

Whether you're pairing this seaweed snack with salmon and rice or eating alone, this is a great snack to keep stocked in your pantry.