Road Trip Snapshots: Coast of Atlanta

Check out a collection of behind-the-scenes photos that reveals what life was like on the road for Coast of Atlanta while filming Food Network's The Great Food Truck Race.

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Photo By: Ralph Duke ©copyright , television network, G.P. all rights reserved

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Coast of Atlanta

Each team was given a digital camera to document life on the road and capture behind-the-scenes shots of day-to-day filming, challenges and competitors. Chefs Mike, Lena and Tawanaca of Coast of Atlanta snapped photos of each other and rival team members while on the set of the race.

Wardrobe Change

On the first day of filming, Coast of Atlanta grabbed this photo of a few teams' themed outfits, which conveniently match the bright colors of their food trucks.

Food Truck Camaraderie

Despite competing for rival teams, Pop-A-Waffle's Bobaloo posed with Mike and Lena for a lighthearted photo behind the scenes.

Arizona Landscape

While racing through Flagstaff, Ariz., the team stopped to capture this photo of the state's breathtaking red mountains just as the sun was shining on them.

Going Vegan

In Flagstaff Tyler delivered a Speed Bump that forced all of the teams to serve only vegan dishes. While some trucks struggled to redefine their meaty menus, Coast of Atlanta took the challenge in stride, choosing to sell their signature tacos but replace the seafood with vegetables. "That's good," Lena said of the challenge, "because it's going to save us money and our veggie tacos are great."

Seventh-Inning Stretch

During a minor-league baseball game in Amarillo, Texas, one person from each team took to the field to tell fans that their trucks will be outside after the game. Mike was chosen to speak for Coast of Atlanta and his lively speech did not disappoint, earning cheers of excitement from the crowd.

Marketing Campaign

Many of the teams came together to sell during the Speed Bump challenge in Amarillo, and while more teams can mean more business for everyone, the Coast of Atlanta truck struggled to draw as large of a crowd as the other teams. In the hopes of catching the eyes of passersby, Tawanaca fashioned a simple sign to advertise her team's menu of fried catfish.

Sunrise Special

During the Truck Stop in Fayetteville, teen blogger Jeremy Salamon visited the Coast of Atlanta truck to taste the team's Pop-Tart breakfast special: a sweet and savory hash featuring crushed Pop-Tarts, bacon and potatoes. Though the team didn't win the challenge, Jeremy praised their food. "The flavors meld really well with each other," he said

True Competitors

Though it's the end of the road for Coast of Atlanta, Lena, Mike and Tawanaca proved themselves worthy food truck operators during their four weeks in the race. Together they served up Southern-style seafood with gourmet flair that wowed customers and judges alike.