Buddy Valastro's 8 Tips for Baking a Better Carrot Cake

Hear from pro baker Buddy as he reveals good-to-know advice for executing his impressive carrot cake recipe.

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A Carrot Cake How-To

Buddy Valastro is sharing good-to-know tricks for turning out moist, flavorful results each time you prepare his celebration-worthy carrot cake. Check them all out here, and get his go-to recipe.

Get the Recipe: Carrot Cake

Prep Work Matters

"Bring all ingredients to room temperature before preparing," Buddy advises.

Flavor Foundation

According to Buddy, only unsalted butter will do here.

Texture Matters

"Grate the carrots finely" for this carrot cake, Buddy says.

Careful Work

"Add in the oil and eggs very slowly," Buddy says, "to guarantee it’s all mixed in well."

Explore Complementary Spices

"Add in equal amounts of ginger and nutmeg as cinnamon if you want to up the spice factor," Buddy explains.

Make Room for Fruit

For even more flavor, Buddy suggests, "Add a can of crushed pineapple."

The Importance of Patience

Though it's tempting to quickly frost and devour this impressive cake, Buddy urges, "Wait until the cake cools completely before frosting."

A Sweet Finish

A blanket of from-scratch frosting is just what's needed to complete this dessert. "Use homemade cream cheese frosting for this cake," Buddy notes.

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