6 Tips for Decorating a Cake — Kids Baking Championship

Inspired by the kid bakers? Learn these creative techniques for easily decorating cakes so they look professional.

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Here are six easy ways to decorate cakes like a champion. All you need is some common household items and your favorite powdery topping, like powdered sugar, cinnamon sugar or cocoa powder. Just put the tool on your cake, sift the powder over it, then remove the tool.

Sift your topping through a large colander placed on your cake to create a fun polka-dot pattern.

Arrange skewers to create a crisscross pattern. Remember: Wherever the skewers are, that's where the cake will show through the topping. (Don’t have skewers? Try wide dried pasta, like fettuccine.)

Paper shapes make perfect stencils. Simply cut out snowflakes, paper dolls, hearts or other shapes to lay on your cake.

Use Mason jar rings or biscuit cutters to make a fun interlocking pattern on your cake, then sift your powdered topping over the top to complete the effect.

Paper doilies or lace make gorgeous and intricate patterns. Your friends and family will think you spent hours meticulously designing your cake, but you’ll know the secret.

Put a message on your cake using letter and number stencils from the hardware store. Don’t have any of those? Fridge magnets also work!