FNK CHEESECAKE FOR TWO Food Network Kitchen Food Network Graham Crackers, Unsalted Butter, Sugar, Cream Cheese, Sour Cream, Egg, Allpurpose Flour, Lemon Zest, Vanilla Extract, Strawberries, Strawberry Jam
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Cheesecake for Two

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  • Level: Easy
  • Total: 6 hr 10 min (includes cooling and chilling times)
  • Active: 15 min
  • Yield: 2 small cheesecakes
Don't be haunted by too-tempting leftovers. Make just enough cheesecake for two. With a jumbo muffin tin and scaled-down ingredients, it's possible!





Special equipment:
1 jumbo muffin tin 2 liners
  1. For the crust: Position an oven rack in the center of the oven, and preheat to 325 degrees F. Line 2 cups of a jumbo muffin tin with liners, and coat with cooking spray.
  2. Pulse the graham crackers, butter and sugar in a food processor until fine and crumbly (the mixture should hold together when squeezed). Divide the mixture evenly between the 2 liners, and press it into the bottoms and about 1/4 inch up the sides with your fingers. Bake until the crusts are slightly golden, about 8 minutes. Let cool completely.
  3. For the filling: Wipe out the food processor. Process the cream cheese, sour cream, sugar, egg, flour, lemon zest, vanilla and salt until smooth. Divide the batter between the 2 liners. Fill all the empty muffin cups about halfway with water. Bake the cheesecakes until they are just set in the center and just barely jiggle, 25 to 30 minutes. Let cool to room temperature in the tin on a cooling rack.
  4. Pop the cheesecakes out of the tin with the help of a large spoon, and refrigerate loosely covered until chilled, 4 hours up to overnight. Before serving, stir the strawberries and jam together, and top the cheesecakes with the mixture, dividing evenly.