St. Patrick's Day Appetizers

Irish-inspired flavors and a pinch of St. Patrick’s Day green make these easy appetizers a fun and festive addition to any meal or party.

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©Food Stylist: Anne Disrude Props: Victoria Petro Conroy

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©Food Stylist: Anne Disrude Props: Victoria Petro Conroy

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©Food Stylist: Anne Disrude Props: Victoria Petro Conroy

Shamrock Pesto Snacks

Puff pastry, pesto and eggs are all you'll need to make these festive shamrock-shaped palmiers.

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Emerald Eggs

This update on green eggs and ham gets its chartreuse hue from watercress and scallions pureed with egg yolks and mayo. Fill eggs with the yolk mixture and sliced ham.

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Soda-Bread Biscuits

Bake a batch of these cute little biscuits as a tribute to Ireland.

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Corned Beef and Cabbage Rolls

Make lettuce wraps, St. Patrick's Day-style: Fill cooked cabbage leaves with herbed mayo, rye bread and corned beef for a playful green app to honor the Emerald Isle.

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Irish Cheddar, Bacon and Potato Muffins

These savory muffins are filled with starchy potatoes, salty bacon, creamy Irish cheddar and crunchy chives. Place them in a wicker basket or line them up on a plate to give your brunch or pre-dinner spread some tasty pizazz.

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Irish Grilled Cheese

Add green color (and lots of flavor) to classic grilled cheese with a layer of bread and butter pickles inside the sandwich and herb-studded butter on the outside.

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Cheddar-and-Herb Boxty

These traditional Irish pancakes are loaded with potatos, cheddar cheese, parsley, chives and onions to give you a perfect part-hashbrown part-pancake treat.

Get the Recipe: Cheddar-and-Herb Boxty

Spinach-Pesto Ravioli

Boil store-bought spinach ravioli, then skewer and dip in pesto vinaigrette for easy party snacking.

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Irish Potato Cakes

Cut down on dinner prep time with these easy potato cakes made from leftover mashed potatoes.

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Beer-Battered Broccoli

Broccoli already has the bright green hue of the holiday, so we made this dish more St. Patrick's Day friendly by frying it in a beer batter infused with parsley. Serve with sour cream.

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