Retro Cocktails: Party Like It's ...

Celebrate your favorite decade this New Year’s Eve with a drink from another era.

1959: Kokomo

The cool cats over at the Hala Kahiki in River Grove, Ill., really dig this kooky cocktail. So why not get hip to this tiki-bar trend — OK, Daddy-O?

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1969: Sage Advice

Patrons of San Francisco's Clock Bar sip this herb-scented drink while scoping out the bar's Mad Men-esque 1960s decor.

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1979: Mama's Little Helper

This fizzy, cucumber-flavored drink tastes like the cocktail equivalent of a Jell-O mold dessert — but in a good way.

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1989: Wally World

Remember the '80s? Well, clearly, so do the folks at the Ridgemont — a, like, totally rad homage to big hair, shoulder pads and all things pink, like this strawberry-flavored cocktail.

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1999: Peach Cosmo

The Signature Lounge in Chicago's John Hancock Center has devised a cocktail to celebrate the '90s. The Peach Cosmo is sweet, bright pink and unabashedly girly. And interestingly enough, it is the favorite drink of former President Bill Clinton — not!

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2009: Captain Handsome

This sophisticated drink, mixed up at the popular Seattle bar Vessel, exemplifies the cocktail scene over the past year: It's sophisticated, not too sweet, and at the same time kinda fun.

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