The Best Gelatin Shots for a Summer Party

Why pour plain old booze at your summer bash when you can serve up these clever gelatin shots inspired by our favorite cocktails and summer treats?

Sour Watermelon Jell-O Shots

You've probably seen watermelon rinds filled with Jell-O; our version takes the idea a bit further. Here we use the watermelon juice from the scooped-out watermelon, spike it with a splash of vodka, and give it a sour flavor so it tastes just like your favorite candy. The result is an adult-friendly summer party pleaser.

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Toasted Marshmallow Shots

Consider this recipe the ultimate s’more: toasted marshmallows are scooped out and filled with a mixture of chocolate pudding and a splash of liqueur. For extra decadence, serve the shots with graham cracker crumbs, whipped cream and a drizzle of chocolate syrup.

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Pink Lemonade Gelatin Shots

When life gives you lemons, make pink lemonade gelatin shots! Sweet, sour and oh-so-fun, these pink lemonade shots are destined to make a splash at your next summer shindig.

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Firecracker Shots

Is there a more festive way to celebrate summer than with flag-topped red, white and blue gelatin shots? The layers are sweetened with blue curacao and grenadine, spiked with vodka and topped with whipped cream. They'll be a bigger party hit than the fireworks themselves.

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Pina Colada Shots

To update the same old poolside drinks, serve them up in the form of adorable miniature pineapple shots. Pineapple gelatin spiked with rum and coconut milk sets in the fruit-shaped cookie cutters, and the coconut-milk solids rise to the top to form a skin, giving these shots their two-tone look. Finish them by gently dabbing the pineapple "leaves" with a paper towel dipped in green food coloring. Better than getting caught in the rain, right?

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Blood Orange Margarita Shots

For another set-in-citrus-rind shot, try this stunning, sweet-tart take on the vibrant margarita. Here, orange rinds are filled with tequila- and orange liqueur-flavored gelatin. (Sure better than doing a straight-up tequila shot, if you ask us.)

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Peach Bellini Party Shots

What’s not to love about prosecco and peach? These shots are made in a baking dish, but they would definitely work in single-portion cups if you'd like a more portable option.

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Champagne and Strawberry Shots

Who says gelatin shots can't be romantic? Here, hollowed-out strawberries are filled with a Champagne-spiked ginger ale-gelatin mixture and topped with mint for a new take on the flirtatious food pairing. (Feel free to use any sparkling white wine for a more affordable twist.) They're sure to spark your next summer romance — or at least impress your party guests.

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Pink Lemonade Shots

These clever citrus shots might cause you to do a double take — are they mini grapefruit wedges? Nay: They are lemon wedges filled with pink lemonade, cherry soda and vodka-spiked gelatin. Like the favorite summer drink, they're sure to quench your thirst — or at least give you a little buzz.

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Margarita Jelly Shots

Enjoy the refreshing flavors of a lime margarita, packed into one small shot.

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