Toast-Worthy Drinks Perfect for Any New Year's Eve Party

From bubbly mixed drinks topped with Champagne to tried-and-true cocktails everyone will love, these sips will help you ring in the new year in style.

December 13, 2021


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Raise a Glass

Whether you’re hosting friends for an appetizer-filled cocktail party or ringing in the new year with family after a celebratory dinner, there’s no denying that a great cocktail makes any get-together more spirited! And, while you could simply pop a bottle of bubbly and leave it at that, we’ve got so many great ideas for mixing up cocktails (or mocktails!) or upgrading your flute of sparkling wine — starting with Bobby’s 4-ingredient, 10-minute cocktail that’s guaranteed to impress!

Get the Recipe: Grand Champagne Cocktail

Sparkling Pomegranate Cocktails

Pomegranates are at their best during the colder months so you should have no trouble finding the ruby-hued seeds for this simple cocktail. You could make the cocktail without them but they add a pretty finishing touch — and are delicious to crunch on after you’ve emptied your glass!

Get the Recipe: Sparkling Pomegranate Cocktails

Bellini Bar

Love the idea of a serve-yourself drink setup on New Year’s Eve? Giada sets out a selection of fruit purees (which can be made a day in advance and stored in the refrigerator) along with some sparkling wine for easy bellinis!

Get the Recipe: Bellini Bar

Chrysanthemum Cocktail

The mix of anise with crisp dry vermouth, herbal Benedictine and fresh orange produces a well-rounded cocktail that has stood the test of time. Though the origins of the name are lost, the recipe is tried-and-true, worthy of any New Year's Eve celebration.

Get the Recipe: Chrysanthemum Cocktail

Vieux Carre Cocktail

If you’ve got a well-stocked bar (or if you plan ahead) you can mix up this crowd-pleasing cocktail in just 5 minutes.

Get the Recipe: Vieux Carre Cocktail

Apple Champagne Cocktail

Trisha easily upgrades a bottle of Champagne with apple juice and brandy for a one-of-a-kind cocktail your guests will love.

Get the Recipe: Apple Champagne Cocktail

Winter Cranberry Cocktail

This vodka cocktail topped with fizzy ginger ale has a trio of crowd-pleasing fruit flavors: cranberry, lime and orange.

Get the Recipe: Winter Cranberry Cocktail

Champagne Cocktail

The secret to Geoffrey’s elegant Champagne cocktail? Rub the rim of the glass with a strip of lemon peel before dropping it into the glass. This will boost the citrus-y flavor of the finished drink.

Get the Recipe: Champagne Cocktail

Raspberry Prosecco Cocktail

The beauty of this simple mixed drink is that you can prepare the raspberry syrup up to two weeks in advance. That means, the only thing left to do when your guests arrive is squeeze a little fresh lemon juice and open a bottle of prosecco.

Get the Recipe: Raspberry Prosecco Cocktail

Pear Bellini

You only need two ingredients to make these beautiful, bubbly cocktails — and one of them is probably in your pantry right now!

Get the Recipe: Pear Bellini

Cranberry Thyme Spritzers

Tart cranberry pairs beautifully with fresh thyme in this elegant and easy drink. It’s non-alcoholic which makes it perfect for an all-ages celebration.

Get the Recipe: Cranberry Thyme Spritzers

Burnt Citrus Cocktail

There’s no denying that Giada’s cocktail will wow your guests. She ignites the rum right before serving for an impressive presentation that’s right out of a 5-star restaurant. Pro safety tips: create a designated area for the lighting of this cocktail, away from little one and anything flammable. We also like using a long-handled lighter, so your fingers aren’t too near the glass. And, be sure to extinguish each glass (by dunking the lemon into the cocktail with a spoon) before distributing.

Get the Recipe: Burnt Citrus Cocktail

Champagne Cocktail

Need a sophisticated cocktail in a hurry? Soak a sugar cube with a few dashes of bitter before dropping it into a chilled Champagne flute. You can add a little brandy or simply pour in some bubbly. Either way, you’ll have a New Year’s Eve-worthy drink in just 5 minutes flat.

Get the Recipe: Champagne Cocktail

Paper Plane Cocktail

If you were given a beautiful crate of citrus fruit for the holidays, then you’re well on your way to mixing up an easy and delicious cocktail. Freshly squeezed grapefruit juice is the perfect complement to bourbon, Aperol and Amaro Nonino.

Get the Recipe: Paper Plane Cocktail

Sgroppino Cocktail

Giada’s bubbly and refreshing cocktail is the perfect complement to just about anything you’re serving up for New Year’s Eve. She drops a scoop of lemon sorbet and a little fresh mint into glasses of vodka and prosecco for an effortlessly effervescent and perfectly sweet-tart sip that’s guaranteed to earn rave reviews.

Get the Recipe: Sgroppino (Italian cocktail)

Resolution Cocktail

We like to think of this smart cocktail as a fun way to get a head start on our New Year’s resolutions (wink, wink) since it contains some of our favorite good-for-you ingredients like fresh apple and ground ginger.

Get the Recipe: Resolution Cocktail

Blushing Betsy Cocktail

Ree turns whiskey and sugar cubes into a pleasing cocktail with help from fresh grapefruit. She uses the juice to add just the right amount of tart-sweet flavor — and the peel to make a pretty garnish.

Get the Recipe: Blushing Betsy Cocktail

Pitcher of Bloody Marys

Tyler knows that the easiest way to kick up the flavor of your classic Bloody Marys is to use pepper vodka!

Get the Recipe: Pitcher Of Bloody Marys

Dirty Martini

Looking for a retro-style sip for your New Year’s bash? You can’t go wrong with a classic Dirty Martini.

Get the Recipe: Dirty Martini

Bloody Marias

A fun way to mix up your go-to Bloody Mary recipe? Try swapping the vodka with tequila or mezcal for a completely different (but equally delicious) flavor.

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