All-Star Holiday Favorites

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Chocolate-Caramel Domes

These elegant little cakes are a chocolate lover's dream dessert.

Stars' Best Holiday Treats

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Even More Holiday Goodies

Holiday Biscotti

Christmas Cake Cookies

Old Fashioned Sugar Cookies

S'More Rockin' Reindeer Ravioli

Chocolate Drop Cookies with Caramelized White Chocolate Filling


White Chocolate Bark with Peppermint Stick

Hot Chocolate Marble Pound Cake

Holiday Sticky Buns

Gingerbread Cookies with Royal Icing

Mint Chocolate Cheesecake


Bourbon Balls

Coconut Roulade With Rum Buttercream

Apple Crumble with Cardamom-Vanilla Caramel Sauce

Chocolate Fudge

Chocolate-Truffle Stuffed Pear Wreath

Apricot Oat Bars

Fabulous Red Velvet Cake

Monster Marshmallow Cookies


Mini Linzer Cookies

Gingerbread and Lemon Curd Trifle with Blackberry Sauce

Dark Chocolate Peppermint Pattie Cake

Chocolate Truffles

Eggnog-Chocolate Cake Roll

Almond and Lemon Biscotti Dipped in White Chocolate