We Want to Be Invited to Kris Jenner's Parties for the Gift Bags

At the Kardashian-Jenner Christmas Eve party this year, Kris Jenner gave the guests $650 designer kitchen appliances.

The ultimate proof that the Kardashian-Jenner family Christmas Eve party, hosted this year by Kourtney Kardashian, was truly off-the-hook and over-the-top? No, not the parade of haute couture dresses or the “woodsy”/”homey” decorations or the fancy foods on offer or the fact that the evening’s entertainment included, Elle reports, “Sia performing in a gift box,” although all that apparently happened.

The ultimate proof was … the contents of Kris Jenner’s goody bags.

The Kadashian-Jenner matriarch sent each and every party attendee home with super-shmancy (and super pricey) Dolce & Gabbana x SMEG kitchen appliances, among them an electric kettle, a toaster and a citrus juicer.

“Did I ever mention for our Xmas eve party my mom makes the best gift bags! This year we were blessed with @smegitalia & @dolcegabbana appliances!!!” Kim Kardashian West recently gushed on her Instagram story. (It wasn’t her only kitchen-appliance-related social media flex this month, of course.)

It’s not clear if each guest got only one of the appliances apiece or all of them, but either way it was a pretty great favor. Each of the kitchen gadgets, from the bright and colorful “Sicily is My Love” collection, is priced at $650 – and the total value of the appliances Jenner gave away was more than $100,000, according to People.

That’s a lot of fancy appliances.

Jenner, too, enthused about the designer kitchenware on social media: “Look at the FABULOUS @dolcegabbana SMEG kitchen appliances!!!!! I am OBSESSED with them!!!” she captioned a photo she posted on Instagram, showing her posing in monogrammed candy-cane-striped pajamas and sunglasses (why?) in front of stacks of boxes.

The appliances do look rather fetching. If the Kardashian/Jenner clan is looking to donate any leftovers, I’m right over here. (Just saying …)

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