7 Things Inside Kim Kardashian's Kitchen That Made Our Jaws Drop

Tell us you don't do the same when she exits the first kitchen and enters the second — it's all on her Instagram stories.

Photo by: @kimkardashian/Instagram


In case you missed it, Kim Kardashian caused quite the controversy when she posted a picture of herself in front of a refrigerator that held four different brands of milk, water and basically nothing else. Fans across the Internet were quick to ask if the celebrity keeps any actual food in her house, but don’t worry — she put us all at ease with a full kitchen tour on her Instagram story (find parts of it here saved for posterity!). Though there was a lot to unpack in just a few videos, we’ve noted the most impressive parts so you can, y’know, keep up. Here’s what we were most captivated by in Kim’s massive (and meticulously arranged) kitchen:

Photo by: @kimkardashian/Instagram


A Lot of Incredibly Organized Storage Jars

Kim’s tour begins in her pantry, which is one long room with a wall-hugging shelf. The shelf is topped with glass jars (Kim tries to keep a plastic-free kitchen) filled with staples like nuts, cereals, sprinkles and more. Even more impressive? All of Kim’s sprinkles are separated into individual glass jars, which she uses for…

Her Personal Frozen Yogurt Machine

We won’t be seeing Kim on a late-night fro-yo run anytime soon. She keeps a frozen yogurt machine in a special section of her pantry, next to the much-discussed water and milk fridge.

Photo by: @kimkardashian/Instagram


Her Second Kitchen

Yes, you read that correctly. When Kim's tour first begins, she's in the pantry of a kitchen, but not, as Kim says, "the kitchen where it all happens." The kitchen that's actually used to cook is hidden up a set of stairs and seems significantly more functional, especially since it includes...

A Restaurant-Quality Refrigerator

Kim’s second kitchen is unsurprisingly large and open, and basically commercial — it's complete with an industrial walk-in fridge that almost resembles a grocery store. The superstar keeps it stocked with baskets of organic fruits and vegetables, prepared meals, breads, cheese, condiments and more. It may not look this way for long, however — Kim revealed that they’re "building all organic trees on the property to grow our own vegetables and do our own stuff."

A Second Pantry

Kim’s second pantry is significantly smaller than the first, though it is filled to the brim with flours, oats, chickpea pasta and more — and no, they are not all stored in individual glass jars.


So. Many. Beverages.

Kim’s third refrigerator, located right next to the stove, is full of staples like eggs and cream. However, there are also a significant amount of oat and almond milks, in addition to the ones we saw in her first fridge. As Kim says, "All my kids use a different kind of milk, you guys."

Her Mystery Freezer

Can we really be surprised that Kim left us guessing? She showed us a glimpse of a freezer filled with plant-based meat substitutes, frozen fruits and other staples. As she closed the door, she said "I didn’t even show you guys our other freezer!" Kim, we'll be here whenever you decide to share!

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