Your Jaw Will Drop When You See This Chef’s Korean BBQ Car

Chef Chris Oh decked out a car with the full K-BBQ restaurant experience grill, seating, TV and all.

May 24, 2021

Photo by: Instagram/@kbbqcar


At the height of the coronavirus pandemic, millions of restaurants were closed to indoor diners, so chef Chris Oh had to get creative.

With that in mind, the Korean culinary pro, who has several restaurants of his own, began making Korean BBQ kits for customers to cook in the safety of their own homes. One such kit for two included a pound of select, ready-to-be-cooked “#koreanbbq #meat,” four portions of Korean side dishes, two portions of rice and assorted dipping sauces.

While the at-home kits were and continue to be successful, Oh recently made it even easier for people to enjoy Korean BBQ in a safe and easy way. Earlier this month, he unveiled a Scion xB that he designed and had outfitted with a motorized table complete with a barbecue grill, a mounted flatscreen television, strobe lights and speakers.

He’s since dubbed his incredibly awesome creation the Korean BBQ Car, and as its name suggests, it’s a vehicle that comfortably and safely brings scrumptious Korean BBQ to hungry diners.

In fact, with the touch of a button, the trunk of the car opens to reveal a full-size table (with the grill in the center) and a television. If you’ve been to a Korean BBQ restaurant before, you know that it’s a communal experience in which customers typically grill their own meat and eat it with an assortment of side dishes and sauces. The Korean BBQ Car is basically a mobile version of that experience.

“Korean BBQ is one of those meals best experienced at a restaurant, and with the pandemic no one could go and experience the fun and interactive meal,” Oh told Food Network exclusively. “So why not bring the KBBQ experience to the people?”

The Korean BBQ Car, which seats four people, is currently roaming the Los Angeles area and offers a variety of different dining experiences. According to Hypebeast, the car’s standard package offers four pounds of assorted meat (such as honey gochujang pork belly, galbi short ribs and bulgogi ribeye), two bottles of Soju, beer, a bevy of banchan a.k.a. side dishes and steamed rice. It costs $500, and there are optional additions available including Hwayo (higher-proof traditional Soju), extra Soju and A5 wagyu beef.

Oh posts frequent Korean BBQ Car updates on the vehicle’s Instagram page, and says the public’s response has been great so far.

“Ever since we debuted the car, it has been extremely well received just because [people] have never seen anything like it, let alone able to have an amazing meal off it.”

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