Your Jaw Will Drop When You See This Massive, Record-Breaking Strawberry

It’s heavier than an iPhone XR.

February 23, 2022

Strawberries are as beautiful as they are delicious. A romantic fruit known for its bright red hue, it’s as enjoyable covered in chocolate as it is sliced over our cereal or in a fruit salad.

We’ve seen this ruby red fruit in lots of incarnations, even going pink at one point. But our jaws dropped when, this month, an Israeli farmer named Ariel Chahi was found to have the world’s heaviest (and largest) strawberry.

Guinness World Records certified the official weight of the berry at 10.19 ounces or 289 grams and 7 inches long with a circumference over 13 inches. Having trouble conceptualizing exactly what that means? Well, according to Guinness World Records, this strawberry is 3 ounces heavier than an iPhone XR. This would be the first time that a strawberry weighs more than the phone we’re using to post about it on Instagram!

This strawberry is of the Ilan variety, and generally known to be pretty large in size, but not this large. The previous record holding strawberry clocked in at 8.82 ounces and was found in Fukuoka, Japan. We can’t even begin to imagine how large the next one will be!

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