These 3 Massive Sandwiches Are Made for Tailgating

Whether you're tailgating or watching the game from home, these sandwiches are a win-win.

Football season is in full swing which means it’s time to break out all your favorite game day foods. Though store-bought snacks like pretzels, popcorn and chips are great starters, if you’re looking for a heftier bite to power you and your team through all four quarters of the game, these pull-apart hasselback sandwiches from Food Network Magazine are the way to go. Not only are they super straightforward to put together, they can easily be packed up in tupperware containers or aluminum foil if you decide to tailgate. Plus, they won’t take up as much room on your kitchen or living room table as the typical 6-foot sub. Here are three cheesy, saucy and juicy pull-apart sandwiches that are sure to make you this season’s MVP.

Though we still have the highest respect for classic chicken Parmesan, this delectable pull-apart creation might just beat it as the next best chicken-cheese-and-sauce combo to date. To make it, you’ll hasselback an entire loaf of crusty Italian or Semolina bread, filling each cavity with mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce and cooked chicken tenders as you go. As a finishing touch, you’ll also coat your bread loaf with a zesty homemade garlic butter and sprinkle additional shredded mozzarella on top. It’s the ultimate grab-and-go bite that might just become your new favorite party recipe.

There’s nothing better than dunking a juicy roast beef sandwich into a piping hot bowl of French onion soup. Until now that is. This hybrid sandwich does away with the bowl, so you can enjoy the flavor profiles of both dishes in a new and dynamic way. Be sure to follow the recipe as is and cook your onions in a skillet before spooning them into the cuts of your bread loaf; doing so ensures that each one of your sandwich slices has just the right amount of crunch and caramelized sweetness, which will nicely complement the saltiness of the roast beef. To really bring the dish full circle, serve your sandwich pieces with small cups of creamy homemade Thousand Island dressing on the side.

Ham and cheese is a sandwich combination that’ll always stand the test of time, so naturally, our test kitchen chefs couldn’t pass up the opportunity to give it the pull-apart treatment. To make this elevated version, recipe developer Amy Stevenson replaces traditional white bread with a crispy baguette and basic cheese with velvety brie. She also uses a mixture of Dijon mustard and unsalted butter to coat the cut bread before filling it with the cheese and ham to ensure that every bite stays adequately moist while baking in the oven. Crunchy cornichons top the entire sandwich off. Trust us — it tastes just as incredible as it sounds!

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