A Dubai Hotel Built a Record-Breaking Pyramid Out of Champagne Glasses

The delicate, breathtaking structure took 55 hours to create and towered 27 feet high.

January 05, 2022

Some of us entered 2022 feeling glass-half-empty; others glass-half-full. A hotel in Dubai rang in the new year in a glass-stacked-in-a-towering-pyramid sort of mood, having just set a new world record for the “Largest Drinking Glass Pyramid.”

The Atlantis, The Palm Hotel, in the United Arab Emirates, partnered with Moet & Chandon and Netherlands-based Luuk Broos Events to create a giant pyramid made out of 54,740 stacked, commercially available glass champagne coupes, setting an official Guinness World Record on December 30, 2021.

The structure, which took more than 55 hours over five days to create, reached a height of 8.23 meters (about 27 feet). The freestanding, solid pyramid featured three sides, each measuring 6.1 meters (20 feet) at its base.

“The final act of completing the attempt was to fill the top layer of glasses with a drink,” according to Guinness.

You can watch the delicate process of the pyramid being build here.

“The record to beat is 50,116 glasses,” a representative of Guinness declared at a ceremony, in a video shared on the hotel’s Instagram page. “And so with a total of 54,740, Atlantis, The Palm, Limited, and Moet & Chandon (UAE) and built by Luuk Broos Events, I am delighted to present this certificate for the Largest Drinking Glass Pyramid.”

The previous record, sent in Madrid in 2017, was also held by Luuk Broos Events.

The Dubai beach resort hotel's record-breaking tower remained in place until January 1. Apparently standing strong throughout a New Year’s Eve celebration that featured fireworks and a guest performance by Robbie Williams.

Following a ceremony featuring twirling “ballerinas draped in glitter and gold,” Timothy Kelly, executive vice president and managing director of Atlantis Resorts and Residences, told a group of VIPs that the Champagne-glass tower was “a beacon of greatness and generosity” and offered a toast to “a new year filled with both in abundance,” the Dubai Gazette reports.

According to the paper, the coupe glasses used to make the tower will not go to waste, but will, instead, be given to a local glassblower to be recycled into refillable drinking glasses to be used at the 1,548-room hotel.

Cheers to that.

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