Miller High Life’s Wi-Fi Enabled Champagne Glasses Let You Toast with Friends from Afar

It’s a whole new way to raise a glass.

December 09, 2020

Photo by: Photo courtesy of Miller Lite

Photo courtesy of Miller Lite

Miller High Life knows many of us won’t be able to spend time with our friends and family this holiday season, so the brand, which makes “the Champagne of beers,” has come up with a clever way for us to interact with those we care about while remaining socially distant — Wi-Fi enabled Champagne glasses!

These custom coupes, which are perfect for sipping Miller High Life out of, easily let you raise a glass and toast with your loved ones no matter how far away they might be this year.

In order for the virtual toast to work, both parties need to turn on their glasses and connect them to a Wi-Fi source. But – believe it or not – that’s the trickiest part of this whole process. To toast from afar, one user simply needs to press the front button to initiate a “cheers.” From there, the corresponding user just needs to press the same button — and voila! — both coupes will light up for a properly distanced toast.

The best part? Getting your hands on these smart coupes is a cinch. All you need to do is visit starting on December 15 to snag a pair of limited-edition coupes for $19.03, while supplies last. As Miller High Life fans may know, that perfectly reasonable price is a nod to the year (1903) when Miller High Life debuted its bottled beer.

And while Champagne glasses are typically sold in pairs, when you purchase these coupes they will be packaged individually, making it simple for you to send one glass to yourself and another to the person you miss the most. Additionally, each glass is pre-programmed to sync only with its corresponding glass, and they’ll both arrive in the mail with detailed syncing instructions.

If you’re feeling a tad wary about this process, rest assured that the folks at Miller High Life have you covered. The coupes are actually equipped with four unique LED light sequences which, in addition to looking festive, are designed to help consumers through each step of the toasting process. The sequences are: WiFi setup, invitation to cheers, cheers and idle mode, and the coupes will stay lit up in idle mode as long as they’re powered on.

To celebrate this cool innovation and make virtual toasting even more appealing, Miller High Life is bringing back its 750-milliliter holiday Champagne bottles this month. Bottoms up!

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