McDonald’s Beloved Sprinkled Holiday Pies Are Back

Some lucky Twitter users have spotted the sought-after seasonal treat.

December 04, 2020

Leave it to McDonald’s to do their best to try and turn 2020 around. According to several (understandably excited) Twitter users, the popular fast-food chain has slowly but surely started to bring back its beloved holiday pies.

If you’re not familiar with this Golden Arches classic, it’s creamy vanilla custard nestled in a flaky, buttery crust that’s been glazed with sugar and topped with rainbow sprinkles — a.k.a. a little piece of heaven. McDonald’s typically brings back the festive menu item around this time of year, but it’s always for a limited time only and they’re often gone within a few weeks, if not sooner.

Twitter users first spotted this year’s batch of sweet treats late last month, and there’s been a steady stream of sightings since then. “GUYS I HAVE FOUND HOLIDAY PIES. In stock currently at the McDs in Milford MA. It is now officially the Christmas season. @McDonalds #holidaypie,” one user tweeted Wednesday.

Another added: “They’re back!!!!! It’s officially Christmas time now that Holiday Pies are back!!! Thanks @McDonalds!!!!”

As one user from Iowa put it: “I got my first holiday pie of the season from McDonald’s and it has made living today worth it.”

However, just because McDonald’s holiday pies are in some states, doesn’t mean they’re everywhere just yet. When asked about the pie’s exact whereabouts on Twitter, McDonald’s said their availability will vary by location. To increase your chances of getting your hands on one (or more) of the sweet treats, the fast food giant recommends reaching out to your local McDonald’s to see if they have any pies on hand.

As McDonald’s fans may know, this marks the second time in recent months that the chain has brought a beloved menu item back. In October, McDonald’s announced that the McRib sandwich would make its triumphant nationwide return on December 2, for a limited time. The McRib, which is seasoned boneless pork slathered in smoky, tangy barbecue sauce, topped with slivered onions and tart pickles, was last available across the country in 2012.

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