Is McDonald’s Actually Bringing Back the Snack Wrap?

A Tweet about Taylor Swift concert tickets has renewed speculation.

November 22, 2022


Photo by: Bloomberg/Getty Images

Bloomberg/Getty Images

Is McDonald’s bringing back the Snack Wrap? Or is it just clowning around? That was the question raised by a recent McDonald’s social media post.

“its easier to order snack wraps than it is to get these tickets,” McDonald’s tweeted on November 17, presumably referencing the Ticketmaster Taylor Swift concert fiasco.

Responses to the post ranged from stating the obvious (“it’s not so easy if it’s not on the menu,” one Snack Wrap fan noted) to expressing delicate feelings (“Snack wraps are a hard subject to talk about for me,“ another shared) to making a request (“So bring them back…” wrote a third).

Amongst the comments, crying emojis abounded. But whoever was running McDonald’s official Twitter account was coy.

In response to a commenter who exclaimed “GASP,” the fast-food chain wrote, “u get it.”

But then to the person who asked “so you’re bringing them back right?” It said “i wish.”

What does it all mean?!

Snack Wraps, a between-meal menu item featuring chicken, lettuce, shredded cheese and sauce, wrapped in a soft flour tortilla, were launched in the United States in 2006. They were dropped from the menus at most U.S. locations in 2016, and then removed nationwide in 2020, although Snack Wraps are still available in Canada and the U.K.

Fans in the U.S. have not forgotten them, often expressing fervent hope for their return. When McDonald’s asked its social media followers, in April, which long-lost menu item they missed — tweeting “bring back _____” — the suggestions rolled in, and Snack Wraps topped quite a few bring-back wish lists.

And on TikTok, false reports of the Snack Wraps’ re-emergence have periodically raised hopes only to cruelly dash them.

So was McDonald’s tweet last week seemingly hinting at renewed access to Snack Wraps just another tease?

Food Network reached out to McDonald’s to ask. “At this time, there are no plans to bring Snack Wraps back to nationwide menus in the U.S.,” the brand tells us. “Snack Wraps were removed from our national menus several years ago, at which point local markets and restaurants could decide to offer them locally based on customer preferences. In June 2020, Snack Wraps were phased out as a local offering.”

Sorry, Snack Wraps fans. There’s always Canada …

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