It’s True: Starbucks and Taylor Swift Are Collaborating to Celebrate 'Red' Season

The hints were everywhere. The rumors were rampant. Now it’s official.

November 12, 2021

Photo by: Photo courtesy of Starbucks

Photo courtesy of Starbucks

Now that speculation about a Starbucks + Taylor Swift collab has built to a red-hot fever pitch — thanks to a long list of hints (so many hints) shared everywhere from TikTok to Twitter — the coffee giant is confirming the news.

Hold onto your fetching fall hats and grande fall-winter beverages, Swifties and Starbucks Lovers.

It … is … happening.

Taylor Swift and Starbucks are collaborating to commemorate Starbucks’ red cup season (a time of holiday beverages in festive cups) and the release of Red (Taylor’s Version) — the singer-songwriter’s highly anticipated rerecording of her 2012 studio album — on Friday, November 12.

Yes, that’s the day the album drops, too.

How exactly can you take part in the celebration? Put on your plaid stuff, knee socks (or tights) and ankle boots and get ready to get out there — “Basic autumn lovers RISE,” as Taylor might put it — because there are three key ways:

Drink “Taylor’s Version:” Starting Friday, November 12, you can order Swift’s favorite Starbucks beverage, a Grande Caramel Nonfat Latte, simply by asking your barista or drive-thru order taker for “Taylor’s Latte” or “Taylor’s Version.” (Who knows? Maybe it’ll be your new favorite, and you and your old go-to Starbucks order will never ever get back together.) You can also order Taylor’s fave via the Starbucks app. (Tap details in the Taylor app card and then “order now” — the process shouldn’t be too treacherous.)

Stay, stay, stay around to listen to the new album: If you hang out at your local Starbucks as you sip your “Taylor’s Version” — or whatever you care to sip — you’re bound to hear the new album, Red (Taylor’s Version), along with other Swift songs. Taylor’s music is going into heavy rotation on the Starbucks playlist. “Starbucks may have celebrated its 50th anniversary this year but stores are feeling ‘22’ again,” the coffee giant quipped.

Send a drink to someone you know all too well: Spread the red cup season and Red (Taylor’s Version) spirit by sending a friend, a family member or perhaps even an ex-lover a Taylor-inspired Starbucks e-Gift card, which will be available online and via the Starbucks app starting November 12. Won’t the recipients be the lucky ones?

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