Looking for Some Inspiration for Your Next Grocery Run? Try Lizzo’s Shopping List

The "About Damn Time" songstress is sharing a curated list of her favorite foods on Instacart.

August 25, 2022

Photo by: Photo courtesy of Instacart

Photo courtesy of Instacart

The pandemic brought online and in-app grocery shopping to a new level of popularity as more people turned to this option for a safer, more convenient way of getting errands handled and keeping food on the table without leaving home. But convenient and safe don’t always translate to fun and interesting, and this platform was ripe for some inspiration and star power to be added to the mix.

Instacart is partnering with Lizzo for its new The World is Your Cart platform, which brings a lot more fun and creativity to the sometimes-mundane task of in-app grocery shopping. The platform is centered around Carts, which are essentially curated shopping collections of groceries by various celebrities.

Beginning on August 25, the first shopping cart of this form will be Lizzo’s Cart. This is a verified, official list of grocery items curated by Lizzo herself, and all available via the Instacart app, same as any other shopping experience one may have had on there in the last few years, but a lot more fun.

Lizzo’s cart looks a lot like my own may appear, from Coke (though to be honest, I’m more of a Coke Zero girl), to lemons and limes and Perrier sparkling water for a refreshing beverage at the end of the day. There’s also Takis, Ben & Jerry’s Non-Dairy Cherry Garcia Ice Cream and cherries, because who doesn’t appreciate a spicy snack and sweet end to the day?

Photo by: Helen Perez/Photo courtesy of Instacart

Helen Perez/Photo courtesy of Instacart

“I hope that my Cart inspires people to get all the stuff they love or maybe even try something different!” Lizzo says in a press release.

By shopping the carts of those whose style or taste we admire, it may just give us the inspiration we need to try new flavor combinations or ingredients. We all could use some inspiration sometimes, especially when it comes time to plan our night’s dinner menu!

“The World is Your Cart” is being launched with a new film starring Lizzo, where she’s of course using the Instacart app, and adding items to her digital cart.

“‘The World is Your Cart’ is a rallying cry that reminds us of the abundant possibilities of each product we add to our Carts and satiates our curiosity by enabling others’ Carts to spark our own creativity,” says Laura Jones, Chief Marketing Officer at Instacart. “In addition to capturing these possibilities across our new creative platform, we’re making them a reality by offering consumers the chance to discover new things across the Instacart app – so you can browse, be inspired, and turn that inspiration into reality by getting your items delivered to your door in as fast as an hour.”

Now, if only we could find the inspiration to get dinner started. Wonder what Lizzo is eating tonight.

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