Finally, TRUFF and Hidden Valley Ranch Are Coming Together In A Single Beautiful Bottle

The limited-edition condiment, which includes one of Oprah’s favorite things, is a 'delicate dance of ranch, spice, truffle and a little bit of sweetness.'

August 23, 2022

Photo by: Photo courtesy of TRUFF, Hidden Valley Ranch

Photo courtesy of TRUFF, Hidden Valley Ranch

Sometimes you’re in the mood for a fancy, dish-elevating condiment; other times you’re looking for comfort from something tried-and-true. A new, limited-edition high-end-meets-mainstream collaboration seems perfectly positioned for those moments in your life that you can’t decide between the two or kind of want … both.

Social-media-famous (and Oprah Winfrey-favorite) luxury truffle-sauce brand TRUFF and classic ranch-dressing brand Hidden Valley Ranch are teaming up to launch a limited-edition luxury spicy truffle ranch sauce. It is, TRUFF Co-Founder and Co-CEO Nick Guillen tells Food Network, the brand’s “first sauce on sauce collaboration.”

The new TRUFF x Hidden Valley Ranch spicy truffle ranch sauce infuses TRUFF’s Original Black Truffle Hot Sauce into creamy Hidden Valley Ranch. Red chiles provide spice, black truffles bring “umami depth” and ranch dressing offers the “tangy, creaminess” Hidden Valley fans know and love.

“We spent a lot of time formulating, working with the Hidden Valley team and our team to come up with the perfect marriage of TRUFF and Hidden Valley,” says Guillen’s fellow co-founder and co-CEO, Nick Ajluni. “We didn’t want to be too spicy, because that would be hard for the masses. Not everyone loves a lot of spice. But we definitely wanted there to be a good kick. And then we wanted truffle to add to it, not to take completely over, but be present in just the right amount. It’s that delicate dance of ranch, spice, truffle and a little bit of sweetness.”

Because the TRUFF hot sauce flavor profile features “a very flavor-focused type of heat,” developed with care not to “burn your mouth off,” its pairing with ranch produces a “very well rounded” taste experience, Guillen says. The combo has “a nice kick but it’s very balanced and there isn’t anything being overpowered on each side,” he adds.

Pains were taken, too, to get the color right. “TRUFF is red; ranch is white,” Ajluni says. “We wanted the perfect blend.” That ended up being “an orangey-ish … secret sauce color” he says “trends in the direction of Thousand Island dressing” but is “not quite there.”

Photo by: Photo courtesy of TRUFF, Hidden Valley Ranch

Photo courtesy of TRUFF, Hidden Valley Ranch

The condiment mashup comes in a fetchingly designed, ultra-large 18-ounce magnum bottle, with a distinctive geometric cap that evokes TRUFF’s Original Hot Sauce — so if you’re into it (and the companies knew that people who are into ranch dressing are really into ranch dressing), you definitely won’t have to stint on it.

The idea for a spicy truffle ranch dressing came from customers — and the two companies decided to give the people what they wanted.

“Over the years, we’ve seen people mix TRUFF with various different things, and ranch — especially Hidden Valley, the iconic household staple — was one that just kept coming up,” Guillen says. “People were mixing TRUFF with ranch at home and putting it on their pizza, wings and different types of food and then tagging us on social media — on Instagram and TikTok — like, ‘Oh my god, you’ve got to try it.’ So we thought it would be cool to do an actual collaboration with the OG ranch icons.”

Deb Crandall, marketing director at Hidden Valley Ranch, said the brand is “always looking to offer new and unexpected ways for our fans to experience the ranch flavor they love” and called TRUFF “the perfect partner.”

“Together, we knew we could develop a perfectly blended product with extraordinary flavor we know our consumers will love!” Crandall said.

The exclusive, “ultra-limited-release” bottles of the sauce will be available while supplies last for $24.99 starting August 30 at 11 a.m. EST via If you want one, you should probably sign up for the waitlist, which opens on August 23, to be notified as soon as the order page goes live. “We expect it to sell out,” says Aijuni.

Let the arguments about whether to put the sauce on pizza commence.

As for the TRUFF co-founders, they shrug off the suggestion that putting ranch on your slice is as controversial as putting pineapple on it.

“Is that an actual debate?” Aijuni wonders. “We’re very pro-ranch.”

“I actually dip my pineapple pizza in ranch,” Guillen says.

Aijuni goes one step further, quipping, “I dip my ranch in ranch.”

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