These Amazon Finds Are Going to Revolutionize Grocery Shopping

The cereal aisle will never be the same.

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April 16, 2019
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Studies show that the average American spends 60 hours a year at the supermarket. That’s like 10 cross-country flights. Yikes! But just because grocery shopping is mandatory doesn’t mean it has to be miserable. Fortunately, we found several quirky grocery store accessories that will make your time shopping easier and, to be honest, more enjoyable. Just don’t forget to add ‘em to your Amazon cart before you grab a grocery cart.


BUY IT: Amazon, $13.99

In 2019, our smartphones are more than just electronics; they are extensions of ourselves. And whether you’re listening to your favorite podcast as you shop or are looking up the ingredients for a brand-new recipe, they also come in handy at the grocery store. Emmzoe’s mount will make it easy to stay connected to your smartphone while you scour the sales on your next trip to the store.


BUY IT: Amazon, $11.99

Have you ever thought about how many people have touched your grocery cart? Chances are, the number is way higher than you'd like to believe. And with every person who gripped on comes a fleet of germs and bacteria. Um, ew. Do yourself a favor and invest in a shopping cart cover. Snap this on the handle for a more cushioned (and sanitary!) experience.


BUY IT: Amazon, $12.99

How many times have you tried to juggle your coffee and grocery shopping, only to have your freshly made latte fall all over the floor? It’s okay, we’ve all been there. It’s exactly why we could all use one of these cup holders. This option from Holders, Stands, and More is Amazon’s number-one best-seller and can easily clip on and off of your cart.


BUY IT: Amazon, $11.49

Believe it or not, clipping physical coupons is still a thing. But unless you organize your coupons with care, they run the risk of expiring before you find them scrunched in your coat pocket. This one from HannahDirect hooks onto your cart and has highly organized sections for things like bread and canned food.


BUY IT: Amazon, $34.99

Sometimes those reusable bags do more harm than good. Ever watched your apples roll all over the back of your car? Yup, us too. These storage boxes are a great way to ensure your valuable groceries stay put even on the bumpiest car ride home.


BUY IT: Amazon, $11.88

Anyone who doesn’t have a car to load their groceries in knows schelping all those bags back to your apartment can be a serious arm workout — and not in a good way. Plus, it can be hard to grip four heavy bags for your entire 15 minute walk. After all, you’re only human. Fortunately, DXGs are here to help. These grips may look like an average carabiner, but they can actually hold up to 110 pounds of weight, making them a supermarket star. Simply attach your bags to one of these grips and get walking!


BUY IT: Amazon, $33.99

If you have a long way to walk or are simply sick and tired of your arms throbbing every time you get to the store, pick up a foldable trolley. Sure, lugging this around may seem a little silly; however, this pick also double as a personal grocery cart. This option from Hoppa boasts a waterproof bag should it begin to downpour on your way home.


BUY IT: Amazon, $13.99

Sure, reusable shopping bags aren’t exactly groundbreaking; however, we're still shocked by the number of people who still lug around plastic bags. If you have yet to get on the eco-friendly train, consider buying these bags from BeeGreen, which can each hold up to 50 pounds of stuff!

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