Meal Kits Are How I Make Dinner Without Grocery Shopping

If ever there’s a time to consider a meal kit subscription, it’s now.

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April 28, 2020
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Whether you're just figuring out the basics or have been the head home cook for years, cooking three meals a day every day can get exhausting. It can be especially hard to create menus or to research recipes when you're starting from — pun intended — actual scratch every time. While I was using a meal kit long before the quarantine started (seriously, I’ve been a subscriber to Blue Apron for over a year), I’m especially thankful for it now — and my husband definitely agrees. In fact, I would say it’s the first time we’ve both wanted to cook. (Usually one of us tries to get out of it.) Not only has it given us something to do, it’s made our weeknight meals so much more interesting. Here's how.

It saves us a trip to the grocery store.

While I’ve always dreaded trips to the grocery store, it's a task that's particularly challenging these days. With a meal kit, for at least three meals a week, I know that I’m covered. No matter which company you choose, you'll get exactly the amount of ingredients that you need for each dish. I’ve also found that it’s taught me how to cook with ingredients like rhubarb or miso paste, which I would have avoided in the grocery store just out of my sheer ignorance when it comes to preparing them.

Our weeknight menu is interesting.

Look, in a time where everything else can feel totally monotonous, it helps to have exciting food options. And I don’t know if it’s just because everything else in life feels so mundane right now, but we’ve been loving the recipes even more than usual.

Last week, we had a delicious curried chicken dish made with poblano peppers and figs, and beef and rice bowls that had marinated radishes and a delicious spicy mayo. This week, we’ve moved on to sweet and sour noodles, dukkah-spiced chicken with a super-easy and delicious orange salsa, and a Romesco beef and Detali pasta dish. I’m not kidding when I say I’ve honestly taken pictures on my phone of the recipe cards so that I can make them again.

If these recipes sound too adventurous, many meal kits have allow you to choose from a variety of meal options. (With Blue Apron, I can choose from options that are diabetes-friendly, gluten-free, WW-approved and vegetarian.)

It saves us money.

While I realize that most people don’t want to cook every single night of the week, using a meal kit really does help us eat in more often, which is good for both budgeting and general health. We currently subscribe to Blue Apron's three-night plan for two people, which comes out to $10 per meal. I have one friend who has started subscribing to the family plan just so that she has more food available — this plan includes three meals per week for a family of four for around $104. We’re honestly totally happy with the price and feel like it’s completely worth the money. The servings are pretty large and even yield leftovers sometimes — especially with pasta dishes. The service also offers a wine-pairing option, which costs $65.99 per month and includes six two-person sized bottles.

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