Queen Elizabeth Is Looking for Someone to Help Her Launch a Pub

The British monarch is seeking an entrepreneur to develop 'a new DESTINATION public house' on her Sandringham estate.

August 04, 2022


Photo by: Pool/Getty Images

Pool/Getty Images

Queen Elizabeth II — longest-reigning and longest-living British monarch, beloved grandmother and great grandmother and … aspiring pub owner?

The Queen is looking for someone to enter into a long-term lease on and develop a pub (officially: “a new DESTINATION public house with restaurant and letting room potential”) in a building that is part of her Sandringham estate. The charming two-story, Edwardian-style structure, which dates to the 1880s or 1900s, according to a property listing posted online by the real estate firm Landles, formerly housed a local Sandringham Estate club and features a “bar area,” a “snooker and games room,” a “vaulted meeting hall and ancillary rooms” and an “additional conservatory.”

The building sits on a high elevation “with the land sloping off to the southwest offering tremendous panoramic views over the adjacent farmland and the wide blue skies of North West Norfolk,” the listing boasts.

Photos posted online attest to the stunning views — and also indicate that, although the interior features a few fetching historic details, it could probably use a bit of a facelift. Located in West Newton, described in the listing as “a delightful village located in North West Norfolk on the Royal Sandringham Estate,” the planned-pub property additionally includes a “designated carpark,” so that’s a definite plus!

“The premises were operated by an estate Club up until circa 2020,” according to Landles. “Due to the effects of the pandemic and the decline in membership, as with other small, private establishments in the hospitality sector the difficult decision was made not to re-open the Club. Hence, a new occupier is now sought, with a plan to include engagement with the local community, for a new lease of life bringing commercial activity to benefit the community and help sustain these important premises.”

Located in a village center with “good road frontage” and accessible to quite a few high-population areas, as well as “coastal villages & beaches,” the pub will also have access to the Royal Sandringham Estate’s more than 500,000 annual visitors. (There are also two R.V. sites within a mile of the pub.)

“The premises are vacant and now offer an ideal and unique opportunity for investment and upgrading for a new occupier and business as a public house with associated restaurant,” the ad continues.

According to local reports, the building is also located across the street from a church frequented by the Queen. So if you’re thinking of taking the long-serving royal up on her offer and launching a pub on her property, you might also consider keeping the ingredients for her favorite drink on hand. That’s gin and Dubonnet, for the record. She is said to prefer hers with two ice cubes atop a slice of lemon. Don’t say you weren’t warned!

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