Looking for a Way to Help? Panera Launches Campaign to Help You Feed Those In Need

The #SeeAPlateFillAPlate Challenge is as an easy way to help right from your phone.

April 24, 2020
Panera Bread Huntington Beach, CA


Panera Bread Huntington Beach, CA

Photo by: Diana Haronis/Getty

Diana Haronis/Getty

Looking for an opportunity to do some good in this world? Panera is offering an easy way to make a positive impact right from home.

The bread-centric chain has just announced a new initiative – the #SeeAPlateFillAPlate Challenge – to inspire us all to use our Instagram accounts to help fill a plate for someone in need.

Launched in partnership with Feeding America, the #SeeAPlateFillAPlate Challenge seeks to raise funds for Together Without Hunger, a campaign aiming to provide 500,000 freshly prepared meals for kids and families who don’t have access to enough food during the current health crisis.

To participate in the #SeeAPlateFillAPlate Challenge, you just have to do the following:

  1. Take a selfie of yourself holding an empty plate decorated with the hashtag #SeeAPlateFillAPlate either by hand or with one of the initiative-provided Instagram stickers.
  2. “Fill it” by making a $3 donation at the Together Without Hunger website.
  3. Multiply your impact by nominating and tagging five friends to also fill a plate.
  4. Share it all on your Instagram story.

Photo by: Panera


A donation of $3 can provide a tasty meal – a ham sandwich, a bag of chips and an apple – made by Panera for someone in need.

If you’re feeling social-media shy, you can also just go to the Together Without Hunger website to make a donation or round up your next Panera order to support the cause.

That feeling you’ll get from doing something good? It’s definitely all that and a bag of chips.

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