Tired of That Old Gingerbread House? Try a Gingerbread Dive Bar

Miller High Life’s holiday launch includes a gingerbread pool table, cornhole set and maple syrup for that sticky-floor finishing touch.

December 02, 2021

Photo by: Matthew Mindich

Matthew Mindich

Are you stuck in a gingerbread-house rut? Do you feel like your quaint DIY ginger-home is too cozy, too conventional, too … sober? Sounds like you may need a holiday pivot to a gingerbread “dive bar” — and Miller High Life is setting you up.

Actually, you’ll also be setting it up yourself. The beer brand is selling DIY Gingerbread “Dive Bar” kits. And it has seriously thought of everything — including the sticky floors.

The kits come with Vermont maple syrup for you to pour over the bar’s floor when you’re done building it, for that finishing tacky-floor touch.

Photo by: Matthew Mindich

Matthew Mindich

The rest of the kit is sweet as well. It includes a gingerbread bar; barstools made from peppermint sticks, with starlight mint seats; an edible jukebox; and a frosted gingerbread pool table, with tiny candy billiard balls and cues made from pretzel sticks.

The kit also comes with a mustachioed bartender and gingerbread “regulars” that, according to the beer maker, have been “infused with Miller High Life,” which is probably what plenty of people will be while they’re building this thing.

Decorate your drinking-destination creation with gumdrops, candy corn, graham crackers, and pretzel rods and sticks. Build a patio area where your gingerbread barflies can play gingerbread cornhole using beanbags made of Chiclets. And cap it all off with miniature vintage High Life wall decor and ersatz neon signs made of sugar.

The kits will be available in limited quantity for $50 at the Miller High Life online store starting on Monday, December 6; you can sign up now to be notified when they drop.

“There’s no better place to enjoy The Champagne of Beers than a dive bar, and no better time to celebrate the simple moments that make life special than the holidays,” Tim Christmann, associate marketing manager for Miller High Life, said in a company blog post. “As people bring the dive bar experience home, we can’t wait to see how they’ll customize their gingerbread kits.”

Seems like some beer lovers also can’t wait. As one such fan wrote on the Miller High Life Facebook page: “finally a ginger bread house I want to build.

Sticky floor and all.

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