Miller High Life Makes an Ice Cream Bar That Tastes Like Dive Bars

In collaboration with Tipsy Scoop, the treat includes a peanut swirl to mimic peanut shells always found on dive bar floors as well as a hint of tobacco smoke flavor.

August 15, 2022

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Photo by: Christine Siracusa

Christine Siracusa

Many of us have mixed memories of dive bars. These spots may have been a bit thrown together, and even at times smelly, but they were incredibly fun. These bars are often filled with history, (sometimes hazy) memories and a lot of good times. We may have outgrown the experience, but they’ll always stick out as some of the best times of our lives.

Dive bars aren’t the only type of bars with tons of history. Ice cream bars have their own history, and some pretty special memories. Now, Miller High Life is trying its hand at paying tribute to both with dive bar flavored ice cream.

In honor of the institution that is dive bars and the 100th anniversary of the ice cream bar, Miller High Life partnered with Tipsy Scoop to create the Ice Cream Dive Bar. This ice cream is, of course, infused with High Life, but also a peanut swirl to reflect the peanut shells always found on the floor of those bars, a bit of tobacco smoke flavor, as well as a caramel swirl, sprinkle of carbonated candy and a dark chocolate dip.

Photo by: Christine Siracusa

Christine Siracusa

The best news is that you can have these ice cream bars delivered right to your front door. A 6-pack of Ice Cream Dive Bars will be available for purchase starting August 15 at, Goldbelly and in-person at Tipsy Scoop’s three New York City Barlours locations.

Sounds like a great way to bring the dive bar experience to your couch, minus the tipsy walk home. Works for us!

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