This New Seasoning Blend Can Make Anything Taste Like a Snickers Bar

We’ll be putting it on everything.

August 03, 2022


Photo by: Photo courtesy of Snickers/B&G Foods

Photo courtesy of Snickers/B&G Foods

We’re used to having an array of savory seasoning blends on our spice rack. Whether it’s lemon pepper for our fish or Italian seasoning for our marinara sauce, we’re always prepared for whatever any recipe or our taste buds will call for. But what about when we’re working on something sweet?

Of course, we can add cinnamon or vanilla to anything, but for when we’re going for a much more distinct sort of sweet treat taste, there’s an exciting new option on the block. Any Snickers fan will be all over their new Shakers Seasoning Blend, as it presents an opportunity to sprinkle a little Snickers goodness on everything from ice cream to brownies.

Photo by: Photo courtesy of Snickers/B&G Foods

Photo courtesy of Snickers/B&G Foods

“We’re pleased to expand our wildly popular licensed seasoning blends line with the addition of SNICKERS, one of the most iconic chocolate bars of all time,” said Jordan Greenberg, President of Spices & Seasonings and Executive Vice President of B&G Foods. “With the introduction of SNICKERS Shakers Seasoning Blend, everyone can now shake the SNICKERS taste they love onto their favorite snacks and treats.”

This seasoning blend is reminiscent of the chocolate bar’s blend of chocolate, peanut and caramel, and the possibilities are truly endless. Whether making ice cream sodas, milkshakes or baking a cake, chances are that it’s going to be a winning combination.

And as for those savory recipes, you never know! That may be a hit as well. Snickers fries or wings, anyone?

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