Would You Have Your Wedding at An Aldi Store?

The beloved chain is selecting one in-love-with-Aldi couple to celebrate the milestone at its model store in Illinois.

August 03, 2022

People tend to be super attached to their favorite grocery store (physically … emotionally …). They may consider it their go-to for fair prices, quality products, or the only spot where they can find their favorite variety of cheese or bread. But aside from being a store someone loves, can it be a store where one finds love?

Aldi is banking on it, as the grocery store chain is currently holding a contest where couples can enter to win the chance to get married in the aisles of Aldi. The winner will not only have all their wedding expenses covered but they will also score free groceries for a year.

The wedding, which will take place at the chain’s model store in Batavia, Illinois, can host up to 50 of the winning couple’s family and friends, and will be officiated by an Aldi employee. Of course, the reception will be ALDI-themed as well. Because, of course.


Photo by: Christopher Furlong

Christopher Furlong

“Every time our shoppers include us in one of their big moments, we feel the #ALDILove,” said Kate Kirkpatrick, Director of Communications at ALDI USA, in a press release. “We’re showing our #ALDILove in return by giving one crazy-in-love-with-ALDI couple an opportunity to celebrate the ultimate life milestone with us.”

To enter, visit Happily Ever ALDI between August 3 and August 17 and share your love story and why you should be the first couple ever to be married at ALDI. The winning couple will be notified at the end of August.

Whomever wins this contest will have a lifetime of romantic date nights in those grocery aisles!

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