Aldi Is Selling a Vanilla Bean Wine That Pairs Perfectly with Dessert

The brand recommends sipping it alongside a bowl of ice cream.

January 14, 2021

Photo by: Photo courtesy of Aldi

Photo courtesy of Aldi

If you’re tired of that same old bottle of moscato, Aldi has got you covered with a new, sweet wine that boasts some unlikely flavors.

The popular European supermarket chain just released its list of “Upcoming Aldi Finds” for January 2021, and none other than a bottle of Petit Vanilla Bean Wine Specialty was included in the slew of new releases. According to the product description on Aldi’s website, the drink is “a blend of white wine with rich vanilla flavor and finest cream.”

The description continues: “Its rich and creamy taste makes this wine specialty a delightful dessert on its own or a perfect companion to all kinds of desserts and ice cream.” As far as the price tag goes, Aldi notes that the cost of each 750-milliliter bottle of wine will vary depending on your location. The bottle is set to be released January 20.



Photo by: AnnaPustynnikova/Getty


Per Aldi’s website, the wine is made in Germany by the same people who produced the chain’s coconut wine, which costs $8 per bottle and was a surprising hit when it was released in June. What’s more? Aldi’s margarita wine, which also made its debut this past summer, was very popular with customers as well, proving that Aldi’s got a knack for interesting wine varieties.

Though we don’t really recommend pouring yourself a glass of vanilla wine as you feast on a hamburger or a bowl of spaghetti, consider using this sweet libation as the base for a dessert cocktail or, as Aldi suggested, drinking it alongside a bowl of ice cream.

Joining the vanilla wine in Aldi stores later this month will be a whole host of other new products such as Buffalo chicken mac and cheese bites, pigs in a blanket with everything seasoning and dirty martini olive dip. Sounds like it’s time for an Aldi run!

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