The Absolute Best Gnocchi You Can Buy in Stores

You don't have to make it from scratch!

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January 14, 2021
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Glasshouse Images/Getty Images

In an ideal world, every time a craving hits for a comforting bowl of gnocchi and sauce you would also have enough time to craft that meal from scratch — but, unfortunately, that’s not always the case. While nothing beats homemade marinara paired with pasta in any form, there are plenty of delicious store-bought options available that you shouldn’t overlook. In an effort to find the best store-bought gnocchi, we tested out options from brands across the board to find our faves. Whether you’re a potato gnocchi purist or are looking for a cauliflower substitute, we’ve found the best option for you.


When testing potato gnocchi, we paid close attention to texture, looking for fluffy, tender pillows of gnocchi rather than a gummy, chewy bite. We were impressed with De Cecco’s product, which we tasted after cooking in boiling water for two minutes then paired with a classic marinara sauce. We cooked all gnocchi according to package directions and paired them all with the same sauce when testing.

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Our testing of cauliflower gnocchi was a little different, as most varieties have varying cooking instructions. We tested by following package instructions for each gnocchi and found that Green Giant’s cauliflower gnocchi’s method provided the most delicious tasting gnocchi. This method called for quickly defrosting the frozen gnocchi in boiling water then pan-frying for five minutes. Though it wasn’t fluffy and tender like potato gnocchi, the flavor and texture were delicious when served with a light olive-oil based sauce and vegetables.

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Options for store-bought sweet potato gnocchi are not as robust as potato or cauliflower brands, but we still found a couple we thoroughly enjoyed. Both Trader Joe’s and Capello’s sweet potato gnocchi were delicious in flavor and texture, but we like that Cappello’s product offers the ability to pair with any sauce or topping. (Trader Joe’s version comes with an already mixed-in butter and sage sauce.)

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