A Taylor Swift-Themed ‘Breakup Bar’ Is Popping Up for Valentine’s Day

They’re calling it 'Bad Blood' and you can 'spin the Shake It Off Wheel of Cocktails for your drink of choice.’

January 20, 2023

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Photo by: VALERIE MACON/Getty Images


Those who have a long list of ex lovers with whom they are never ever getting back together and want to mark Valentine’s Day in suitable style may want to head to Chicago next month. A Taylor Swift-themed “Breakup Bar” — called “Bad Blood” — is popping up in the Windy City, right in time for those feeling the opposite of romantic this year.

City-event curator Bucketlisters is sponsoring “Bad Blood: a Taylor-themed Heartbreak Bar” as part of a new exclusive event series. For $22 per person, attendees 21 and over can enjoy access to a “pop-up bar for cocktails, singing and memory-making,” according to the event page. Admission includes a themed “welcome” cocktail as well.

The pop-up will be located at Chicago bar and grill Electric Garden (in the West Loop, at 324 S Racine Ave) from February 3 through 26. Attendees can sign up for a 90-minute time slot on one of those days. Hosting a private party for all your Taylor-loving pals is also an option.

“Whether you want to sing about your lover, those who were never yours, those you’re never getting back together with, or those who still have your scarf, this is the perfect place for you,” Bucketlisters promises. While there, you can, “get bejeweled for photo opportunities and ready to engage in some champagne problems,” “get a glimpse into your future with our tarot card readers on-site,” and “spin the Shake It Off Wheel of Cocktails for your drink of choice.”

Note that the event is not affiliated with Swift and, those behind it warn, “Taylor will not be there” (at least, as far as anyone knows). But Instagrammers responding to a notice about the event on the social media platform have a few good ideas for getting the full Taylor Swift experience at the “exclusive (anti) Valentine’s pop-up.”

“All the bartenders have to be named Taylor,” one suggested. (Demanded?)

“Im gonna invite all my exes here on the same night then not show up,” another planned.

“I’ll have 2 ‘shake it off’ martinis plz,” yet another declared.

“Will drinks be as expensive as her tickets ?!” one concerned Instagrammer wondered. (That one is easy: No.)

It really does sound like the perfect way to mark the holiday of love for those who know heartbreak all … too … well.

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